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Herbivore @ Fortune Centre Bugis

Hello all peeps, wishing all a really happy Xmas and Happy New Year 2012 in a couple of days time.

Alright, miss veg has been missing, yes.. because miss veg is really bz. And thank you some of you for helping each other on my chatterbox.. miss veg totally appreciate it!

If you are keen to help miss veg blog, miss veg is more than happy! heee! For those who had emailed me, no worries, i have kept in view of that..

Herbivore has been around for ages, i know, and yes, i've been there twice but haven't blogged it!

So here you go.. here's Herbivore for you.

Herbivore is opened by the owner of Zen Vegetarian, which I hear is moving away from Midlink Plaza soon, but to where, is still unknown. I've left my contact on the contact book which the waitress was passing around, so am waiting for them to let me know.

Anyway, what a great name it has! Herbivore! I've known about the real meat place carnivore and was thinking if anyone would open a place for us.

Herbivore is strategically located in the vegetarian heaven which Ive mentioned before.. Fortune Centre, where to date, I think there are close to 7-8 cafes within this building alone. In addition, Gokul has also jump onto the banwagon and opened a small cafe here.

Taking over the previous cafe Luo Han Veg, is Herbivore, which is by far one of the bigger outlet.

The Menu

Seriously I was quite taken aback when I was given this menu. It was really in a bad torn and tattered shape. I do hope they will change the menu soon.

The same open-kitchen concept as Zen.. Clean tables and neatly furnished place. Herbivore offers quite a range of Japanses/Western cuisine, so they do have similar food items that is available from Zen.

Black Pepper Steak Set $16+++

I do not recall the exact price, but this set that comes with Soup/bread costs close to $20 after tax.

Nothing really special about the mushroom soup.. Just normal and up the standard. Not suitable for vegans though.

Close up of the tomato spagetti. Pretty well done.

I would have expected the "meat" patties to be made by the chefs, but was a little disappointed when its the normal patty we can find from most veg suppliers. In addition, the meat was a little overcooked that tasted too chewy/hard.
Though the presentation for the western "meaty" set is good, I find the food so-so, and not exactly worth my $20 of spending. If you are a big eater, this serving is not enough to fill.

Side - Fish Rings $7+
One of the sides that I like also available from Zen is this Fish Rings. Really Yummy. I think we can get this from the veg suppliers and deep fry on our own as well.

Cream Rice $10+

One of the better dishes from Herbivore is this Cream rice, that is served with Cream, Cheese, Mushrooms, Hams and rice. Tasty though fattening.

Aglio Olio $10+

I guess this is the only dish i personally liked. The spagetti was really well done and simple. Tasty and spicy too.

Overall, Herbivore may not be your everyday choice due to its price, it is still not too bad a place to consider once a while for your gatherings/celebrations. The service staff were friendly too.

Location: Level 1-13/14, Fortune Centre , 190 Middle Road

Tel: 63331612

Opening hours: 10am- 11pm daily

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