Monday, April 16, 2012

Shan Yuan Veg @ Bendemeer (善缘素食)

It has been quite some time since I last blogged. Thank you folks, for still visiting me once in a while. I do note that there are couple of new cafes/restaurants offering new veg menus these days. This is really great news! Do check out the left hand side for updates. And of cos, thank you so many of you for still emailing me, or sending me updates via comments. I do read them.
This is from a stall @ Bendemeer. Went there one of the evenings for dinner. Anyway, bendmeer is not easily accessible unless you stay around this area, as there is no MRT stops nearby. My friend's mum grew up in this area and well, the few blocks around this food market are mostly 1-2 rooms flat but just recently renovated. It is good to see this stall with quite a number of patrons in the evening. Do note that they do not serve your usual mixed veg rice, only tze char and a couple of easy to make meals like kway chap etc.

Stall Front

Oyster Cake $3
I am quite an avid fan of oyster cake if you ask me.. in many of my earlier posts, i've always adore oyster cake. Sadly this oyster cake didnt manage to WOW me as I couldnt make out what I was eating - oyster cake or carrot cake or veg ham cake. Yes - these are included in "oyster cake". Very soon I will be doing a post on my favourite oyster cake which I've tried and the best in my mind so far.. that was really mind blowing.. so good that you wouldn't mind travelling across the crossway just for a bite of it.

Omelette Rice $3.50

The only food I find interesting from this stall is this - Omelette Rice, as the rice is nicely fried with yummy fried rice within. Sadly I didnt take a picture of the rice inside!

Mee Rebus $2.50

The mee rebus sauce was okay, but I rather the ingredients be the norm of beancurd and tau pok.. that would have suffice. Anyway, aint too bad.

Hokkien Mee $2.50 
If you have realised, a lot of vegetarian places do not serve hokkien mee at $2.50 anymore. At this price, what more could we ask for? The serving is big and can be comparable to "Zi Zai" vegetarian. I think this mee is really well done.

Kway Chap $2.50 
Yummy kway chap.. soup was tasty.

All in all, this is a Hawker Centre with Market, so do not expect great service as the owners are really busy cooking at all time. I will definitey come back some other day for Lor Mee and Dry Mee some day.

 Opening Hours: Till 7+PM daily

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