Monday, October 31, 2011

Waterdrop Teahouse (滴水坊) @ Punggol

My apologies to my readers as my blog is almost "dead" of late! Reason being i've been really busy and even though I've tried to move on to Facebook page, I find that the personal touch is still very much on this blog.
3 years since I've started blogging and I really am very grateful to those who have walk through these years with me! Thank you so much.
So here's a new place, or rather been around for quite some time, but it was my very first trip to this place - waterdrop teahouse.
The teahouse is located in the Fo Guang Shan building (which is also known as the Buddhist Light Association Singapore) at Punggol.
I was immediately attracted to the tranquil setting of the place the moment i step out of the lift.
Though it wasn't a big space to begin with, the stone-made chairs/tables and the spacing as well as the quietness of this place won me over.

You can opt to choose to sit outside and enjoy a little sun with chinese tea or inside the cafe itself.

Inside the cafe, spacious~

So back to the food... I couldn't say much about food as there wasn't much choices. I guess most of their patrons go there for tea sessions. They do serve a couple of good snacks and decent noodles/rice meals.


As mentioned, nothing much about the menu. I guess there is only 1 thing which I would highly recommend and definitely be back to return for is for the "Crispy Ginger".

Crispy Ginger $5

I never am a fan of ginger and most of the time I'll tend to remove the ginger slices in the dishes before eating. However, this is the very first time i've tried such a yummy dish - a PURE ginger dish. Though it is not cheap, it definitely is worth your $5. I couldnt exactly detect what actually made out of the unique taste, but this ginger wasn't spicy at all. It has a combined taste of sweetness, caramel and the ginger slices were chewy, which can be treated as a snack itself. I guess this dish captured everyone's tastebuds as almost all the patrons would order this as a side.

Minced Mushroom Rice $4

This rice set comes with a soup. The minced meat with mushrooms tasted good with rice. I find it healthy to eat with brown rice too.

Claypot Noodles Soup $4

This was supposed to be the dish of the day. I was a little disappointed as I would have expected this be served in a claypot, but it was served from a bowl instead. Taste wise, soup was made from the "Sha Cha" sauce, so I would think that nothing could possibly go wrong, just a tad oily though. The mushroom balls were okay.

We actually ordered another dish which is called the ngoh hiang but it was actually a mock meat item which is readily available at the vegetarian supplier stall, hence I didn't take any picture of it.

All in all, the ambience of this place won me over. It is a good place for relaxation and catch up or to spend your lazy afternoon at. I would definitely be back some day for their collection of chinese tea and ginger slices again!


1 Punggol Place Singapore 828844
Tel: (65) 6411 0590

Opening Hours: 9am to 6pm

CLOSED on Mondays

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Creepy said...

I've tried the gingr slices and was blown away. Went back there the 2nd time round for a takeaway. The ginger is a good compliment with porridge.