Sunday, August 7, 2011

Fried Rice Paradise @ Supermarkets

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Ok back to today's post. Fried Rice Paradise? Clare sis was telling me that this was reporting on the news that there's this taiwanese company testing out local market for their ready to eat meals - Fried Rice!
I didn't know until my trip to the nearest supermarket near my place someday - Sheng Shiong Supermarket and wow i was captivated by this packaging immediately. Though i'm not a superfan of fried rice, I felt the need to buy and try them immediately!

$2.80 Each

There are 3 main flavours - Vegetarian Mushroom Fried Rice, Curry Chicken Fried Rice and Spicy Chicken Fried Rice!

Spicy Chicken Fried Rice

So one fine evening since I had no home-cooked dinner, I decided to make my microwave work! So 3 mins later - ta da! I get this really "good" looking fried rice. As the chinese words say: "辣子鸡丁" I would have expected this to be very "spicy" since its spicy chicken. Luckily, it wasn't! Like the normal fried rice that you get outside, the ingredients are quite sufficient - mixed beans, mushrooms and veg chicken chunks. As for how it tasted, if you have eaten instant noodles, this is instant rice for you. Do not expect too much, but it does makes you full for a meal. One thing is I wasn't too used to fried rice without eggs, yet this tasted okay, especially the chicken chunks. A little thing that I wasn't too satisfied was that there was a tad too much oil at the bottom of the box so I could not finish the last few bites, I guess you will need to stir a little before heating up.

I do hope the supermarket continue carrying these products since its suitable for vegans too!

Locations: Sheng Shiong Supermarkets


SP said...

This is great... !!!
After eating those in TW, thought that we will never find such in SG...
If you have chance, u should try TW version..

Yao said...

Amazing.. Imma find 1 on my way back home. :D