Sunday, June 19, 2011

Ming Hoe Vegetarian @ Paya Lebar (明和素食)

Although working in Paya Lebar is a good location for me, I always find it difficult to find vegetarian food. There used to be a vegetarian stall operating at the basement of SingPost builing but it has also closed down. Recently I've been patronising one of the stalls located in a rather run-down coffeeshop thats located right behind Singpost. It is around 6 mins walking time from the Train Station.
Operated by mother and son team, this stall is a good recommendation that never fail to make my day.

The vegetarian stall is located in a coffeeshop named "大宾茶室" (Da Bin Eating House) and the main customers are workers or technicians working at the nearby workshops. At such, the prices of food isnt too expensive and portions are big.

Mixed Vegetables Rice $2.30/ 3 dishes

I must always ask for lesser rice as the portion is big. Its been a long while since I had a 3 dishes mixed vegetables rice for just $2.30. They do have around 10 dishes for you to choose during lunch. Other than the Curry Rice @ Bedok, this is one of the few stalls that sells cheaply. In addition, what I truely enjoy is the free soups! There are different soups served everyday, which I think is depending on the vegetables they have. Sometimes they will cook bittergourd soup, cabbage soup or raddish soup.

Other than mixed vegetables rice, on some days, they will serve specialities like Kway Chap, Laksa. One catch is, you gotta be early for the mixed vegetables rice as they are usually sold out by 1PM. Nonetheless, you may order Tze Char dishes if you do not want to eat mixed vegetables rice too.

Fried Noodles $3

All tze char dishes are priced at $3. I love this dish as it wasn't too oily yet tasty at the same time. The cook uses a lot of vegetables and beansprouts in this dish. They will usually ask if you take eggs. If you don't you will have to inform them.

The best tze char dish is actually their Fried Rice, where usually there would be a queue for it. The fried rice is served with a sunny side up. There are other tze char dishes like Hor Fun, Fried Kway Tiao or Bee hoon soups which you may order. Do note that it may take some time to wait for your tze char if the queue is long since each dish is cooked separately. I hear that chicken rice is served on Saturdays.

Location: Eunos Road 5, Eunos Industrial Da Bin Eating House

Operating Hours: 7am - 2PM

Closed on Sundays

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