Sunday, February 13, 2011

Yuan Xiang @ Changi Branch

Happy Chinese New Year and Gong Hei Fatt Choy to everyone of you! Havn't been blogging of late as I seldom dine out these days. I do have a lot of backlog of overseas places which I've tried, and will update them soon.
Speaking of which, if you have been patronising the Yuan Xiang Vegetarian Tze Char stall @ Bugis for the longest time, please note that they have moved out of Bugis has relocated to Bedok Blk 216 Market.
From the original 3 outlets, there are only 2 Yuan Xiang Outlets left now. I went to the Changi Restaurant for dinner a couple of days back and recently they have launched Dim Sum value meal at this restaurant. (Do note that Dim Sum is only available @ Changi).
Decided to try out with my family since I thought that its quite worth.

$30 NETT for 4/5 Pax OR $50 NETT for 7/8 Pax

I was approached by one of the managers to sign up as a member ($2) so that we could be offered this dim sum deal. I thought this is really good, as there isnt much places that serve dim sum in SG other than Lingzhi and Lotus vegetarian. In addition, by signing up as a member, you get to redeem another plate of dim sum free. For the dim sum deal, it is a set of 12 dim sum for 4/5 pax. So per person only costs around $6. Do note that you are supposed to purchase the "coupon" beforehand. I took up the $30 deal and paid up front. In addition, reservations for this meal is required beforehand.

Perhaps this was the first time they are having this promo, I personally find the staffs do not know how to handle, and I did not totally enjoy my meal. If you are there just for the normal tze char dishes, the standard is still okay. However, this dim sum experience wasn't entirely pleasant as my family waited for more than 45 mins for our first dim sum served.

The 12 dim sum dishes was supposed to comprise of Golden Bun with BBQ Meat, Fruits with Yam Ring, Pork Ribs with Special Sauce, Herbal Chicken, Lotus Rice, Golden Prawn, Pineapple Roll, Bean Meat with Special Sauce, Carrot Cake, Fried Dumpling, Cha Siew Bun and Siew Mai. I had expected these to be served initially but little to my surprise, not only did I not get the Lotus Rice, Yam Ring, Pork ribs, and Pineapple Roll, I was served with a total of 7 Deep Fried dishes out of 12, this came as a shock as I would not want to recommend to people who are health enthusiasts! The ladyboss came to apologise when she overheard my complaint of the steamed lotus rice being replaced to fried rice instead. In addition, the Yam Ring was replaced with Yam Balls, Pineapple Roll replaced by Banana bread roll that was dipped in oil. Sadly, the above 6 dishes did not meet the usual standard of Yuan Xiang that I would have expected.

The only 6 items which I think was passable are these 6. The steam dumpling, which was a replacement of the pork ribs, was filled with lots of ingredients. The Char Siew Bun was okay as well. As for the Siew Mai, it wasn't homemade by them, but brought from the vegetarian supplier. The only recommended dishes are the Prawn Dumpling as well as Carrot Cake, which still makes the mark to date.

At this point of writing, im still downing my XXth cup of tea hoping to wash off some of the oil in my body. Recommended if you are a big lover of deep fried foods and do not mind mock meats. If not, just stick to the usual tze char dishes if you do patronise them. The carrot cake and prawn dumpling is still available in the normal menu as well. Hence you may add this to your tze char. For me, I guess improvement is Vital if they want this dim sum promotion to last till the end of the year.

Location: 134, Changi Road (Near to Eunos MRT), Singapore 419720

Operating Hours: 11am till 9pm

Tel: 98786705/ 94569079

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