Tuesday, September 25, 2007

QQ Rice (台湾饭团)

A new Rice franchise from taiwan has just arrived in Singapore. Nonetheless, since my sister loonie tart has introduced this new snack, I have completely fallen prey to it.

Step 1: Choose Your Rice (Be it Wheat Rice, Brown Rice or Purple Rice)

Step 2: Choose 5 Ingredients

(Thanks Loonie tart for helping me scan the order form)

Step 3: Pay the $$ and Collect your rice roll Example Vegetarian Combo: Sliced Burdock, Vege Pork Floss, Mushrooms, Vege Ham, Pickled Veg.. SEDAP!

Its simple and easy, and it is not very expensive, at only $3.20 per roll. Most Importantly, the RICE is healthy!

Do not fret that the utensils used are unclean, as the vegetarian section is using different tongs. Also, if you do take eggs, please do not choose the egg fill, as it is used together with the 'meats' tongs.

Taiwan Web: http://www.qq-rice.com/

QQ's Flyer:


1. Plaza Singapura Shopping Centre (Basement 2)

2. Novena Square