Monday, September 24, 2007

Peanut Cookie (Chinese New Year cookie)

Before I found a job last year, I had wanted to make some money during the chinese new year period. So, I went for some CNY cookies baking class and learnt some cookies such as the Peanut Cookie. AHOY! It turns out quite well and these days, I seldom buy from outside as the homemade ones are definitely easier and of better quality. Even my colleagues are ordering from me. heh!

For people who are lazy, this is definitely a very easy recipe!

Ingredients needed:

500g Peanut Powder
600g Plain Flour
300 - 500ml Peanut Oil
240g Icing Sugar
1tsp Salt
1 Egg (for glazing)
(This is for approximately 200 pieces. You may use propotionately if you want a smaller portion.)

1. Mix the Peanut Powder together with the Icing Sugar

2. Sift Flour together with Salt

3. Mix the Flour into the Peanut Powder

4. Add the Peanut Oil (You may add any amount between 300 -500ml), depends on your preference. Normally I add 450ml

5. Form the mixuture into a dough

6. Make into small round ball and place into a greased tray.

7. Polish a small amount of egg on top (Be careful on your strength when applying as you may deform the shape)

8. Bake at 180 degrees for 12 Minutes (Convention Oven). For Normal Oven, it is recommended to bake for at least 15 Minutes.

Points to note: 5 Minutes before the baking is done, remove the tray and apply another layer of egg glaze. Continue to bake to enjoy a nicer golden finish.

FINAL PRODUCT~ Peanut Cookie!

Grade: 4/5