Friday, September 28, 2007

Miao Yi Vegetarian Restaurant (妙益素食馆) *MOVED TO CHINATOWN*

On birthdays or gatherings, My family and I like to put this restaurant as one of our favourite choices. Reason being the Most Popular Dish - The Vegetarian Suckling Pig. So last night we were there as it was Mum's Bday. As soon as the dish was served, I told my family to wait so that i can take the picture. Trust me, my ah ma adores this dish that as soon as I finished taking, ah ma asked me:" have u finished taking"? (which also meant to say: Hey, im FAMISHED!)
Vegetarian Suckling Pig $35 (鸿运烧猪)

Grade: 5/5
If you are pondering on how to eat this dish, it is easy. Similar to eating the usual Peking duck, this dish is to be eaten with the fresh lettuce. Grab a piece of it, add a tiny cucumber on it, then with the red meat. Lastly, put a little of the black sauce, wrap (in any way you want) and put it in your mouth! JUICY! The taste is crunchy and fresh and most importantly, it is still the best 'suckling pig' i can find so far. Trust me, even 8 treasures or Classic Lao Di fang or the Lao Di fang at Middle Road cannot be compared (as other bloggers may adore them..) After a trip to Miao Yi, you will find the other places aint as good.
Of cos, this is a very authentic chinese restaurant where you can order other dishes that go with Rice. They serve a special kind of rice called the ginger rice. However, it was not available last night, hence I could not take any pictures. The Hot Plate Veal is a MUST TRY too. A pity that I missed out the pic as well, as we were too busy eating on the yummy food!
Nonetheless, Dishes that I would highly recommend: Sambal Kangkong, Spicy Prawns, Hotplate Veal (鹿肉).

Location: 101 Upper Cross Road People's Park Complex #03-32
Opening Hours: Lunch: 11.00 am - 03.00 pm Dinner: 06.00 pm - 10.00 pm
Telephone: 64671331
Note: Do remember to reserve a place on weekends as it is usually packed