Sunday, May 11, 2008

Yi Xin Vegetarian (一心素食)

Had dinner one of the night before going for KTV in chinatown. Lately there has been a couple more stalls opening in the chinatown area and competition is definitely fierce.
Grand Court has also opened a new outlet in chinatown (above yum cha) and the coffee shop beside is this tze char stall.
Anyway, me and zany ordered 2 dishes to go with rice.
Mushrooms with Brocolli $8

Serving is quite big and tasted ok. The sauce goes well with the rice. I guess nothing really special, as this dish is quite common outside.
Sweet and Sour Fish $9
Having watched the Taiwanese Drama (Bull Fighing), me and zany have been wanting to try this dish as Hebe loves it as well. In chinese, it is 糖醋鱼. Sadly, it does not appear to be the same dish which we have anticipated. The taste is also normal, but the fish was a little over-fried.

Anyway, I found that sunny had posted more on Yi Xin here. All in all, this is not your restaurant kind of food, but it is still above the normal coffee shop standard. The is a cheaper option in the chinatown area I guess.
Location: 39 Temple Street, Inside Coffee Shop.
Opening Hours: 8am - 10pm