Monday, May 5, 2008

The Whole Earth Vegetarian Restaurant (环界素食)

Had dinner with irene and chris on a Monday when she drove. hehe. This restaurant is known for its peranakan dishes hence I'm rather surprised its still around after so many reviews of the hefty prices. We ordered 4 dishes to go with the famous olive rice.

Nonya Curry $15

Looks good on appearance, but the ingredients are downright pathetic. Chris counted and only found 6 small pieces of mutton in the curry. They seemed to have counted the number each person can eat. It used to taste much better, its ok now. A pity that the portion is so small for this price.

Bai Ling Gu Mushroom with Vegetables $16

Justifiable by the number of mushroom slices given. It tasted good with rice.

BBQ Tofu Skin with stuffed mushrooms $16

Missed this dish a lot since kingsland closed down. This used to be the "must-order" dish in the previous jin shan ge. However, they have it at The Whole Earth. It is basically BBQed shredded mushrooms wrapped in Tofu skin. I love it. However, it is kind of sad that the serving is small too.

Battered Oyster Mushroom $15

Hmm, sauce was kind of wierd, its supposed to be thai, but after I came back from thailand, I can hardly taste the thai taste. The mushrooms are well fried though. Irene commented and still love the ones from loke wor yuen.

Olive Fried Rice $6

As mentioned earlier, the olive fried rice is famous. Hence we ordered 1 to share. Serving is not enough for 3, but ample for 2. Hence, if you are cost saving, you may just order 1 dish and 1 rice, that should be less than 30 bucks.

For desserts, we ordered Euryale Seed, which tasted rather blend. It looks like barley, and is said to have very good digestive effect.

All in all, the ambience of the restaurant is quite contemporary and clean. Food wise, good if you feel rich.

Location: 76, Peck Seah Street (Near tanjong pajar MRT)

Opening Hours: 11am - 3pm; 5.30pm - 10pm