Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Yes Natural F&B (悦意坊)

I've long heard about this cafe but didn't had the time to try until a couple of weeks back.. Introduced some nice food to Maboo & Zenzen. It was a normal weekday but the cafe was surprising packed and we had to wait a while! Given the shop space (almost twice the size of Ci Hang), I think business is good for this cafe.

Hand Roll Salad (手卷沙拉) $4.50

It was highly recommended by Chen TZ, she say its a must eat if you visit here. hehe. Much to my surprise, this dish is indeed very special. Wrapped in the fresh popiah skin (Not the frozen type), the filling is FULL of fresh lettuce, carrots and alfafal leaves. Really a healthy and cheap roll to start your day!

Stone Pot Rice (石锅饭) $6.50

Not exactly the bibimbap i adore from New Pature, but this stone pot rice has its own uniqueness. Ingredients comprise of a generous serving of vegetables, mushrooms and pumpkin, topped with mock floss and crunchy radish. The taste is superb and I am still salivating while writing this. It is quite surprising that not much of the mock items are used, but the taste can be very original where the pumpkins and radish brings out the sweetness of the rice. A little pricy though, but it comes with a free soup.

Vege Cake (什锦烧) $7.50

The first look of the picture made me drool right away as I thought this is the vegetarian version of Okonomiyaki! Okonomiyaki is a pan-fried batter cake where many refer to as the japanese pizza or pancake. and i still missed the Okonomiyaki that Evon specially made for me.. it was simply fantastic! Saldly, this vege cake version is not what I had hoped for, but the taste was Unique still. The bottom of the cake is spagetti noodle, topped with layers of veg on top and lastly pan fried with a top flour cheese layer. Taste is good with the mayo sauce.

Baked cheese spagetti $8.00

Again its spagetti, as we did not foresee the vege cake to have any noodle in it! It is unusal to eat baked spagetti as normally we will have baked penne or macaroni. Sauce is tomato based, not much of a special, but the cheese is good.

On the whole, the food is at an affordable range, and the service is good. What I liked about this cafe is the menus are recycable where orders can be erased. At least this helps the environment. This cafe also sells organic set lunches. Do support if you are in the aljunid area!
Location: No. 57, Geylang Lorong 27, Singapore 388184 *The 2nd Stretch of Shop House when you step out of Aljunid MRT
Tel: 67411580
Opening Hours : 11:30am to 9pm Closed on Wednesday