Saturday, October 25, 2008

Xin Ming Vegetarian Stall @ Bedok

Once in a while I'll go to this stall for dinner when I got bored of the cheap $2 rice sold at Bedok Interchange. Anyway, this stall offers quite a wide variety of food, ranging from Mixed Vegetables rice to Tze Char, hence it does still quite attracted a couple of patrons. The stall owners have been operating this stall for more than a decade and hence has got their regulars. They were earlier located in the coffee shop located beside Shop and Save supermarket at the bedok central. However, since the coffee shop was rented to someone else, they moved to another coffee shop closer to the library side along the main road. Today, I've got news that they are moving again, to another coffee shop across the road, at block 418. Details would be posted later.
Mixed Vegetables Brown Rice $2.50
Ordered this when I can't make up my mind. 3 Dishes for $2.50 sounds quite reasonable for such a big portion served. I do not quite like the rice as I felt it was overcooked. The dishes (especially the braised egg) are still ok. If you do not mind cold dishes, brown rice is a better and healthier option.

Other than brown rice, I would normally order Duck Rice (comprises of vegetarian mock duck, egg and tofu) or I would eat the Kway Chap. However, the prices are much higher ($3 onwards).

Current Location: Blk 204, Coffee Shop
Opening Hours: Till 9+, daily