Monday, October 13, 2008

Su Shi Piao Xiang Vegetarian Cafe (素食飘香)

Another trip to fortune centre since it is a heaven for vegetarians. Thanks to fran for always accompanying me around to try new places too. Anyway, the stall owner used to operate in bedok before this shop at Fortune Centre. Food wise, quite normal, but cheap. Me and fran ordered 2 dishes to go with a fried noodle.

Sambal Kang Kong $4

Big portion for the 2 of us. Very fresh, but it was not spicy enough. I like it as it wasnt too oily.

Salad Prawn $7

Fran loves salad prawn whereever its sold.. so normally it is a MUST order dish should we be eating Tze Char. haha. Anyway, the Salad Prawn here is really a BIG portion that we can hardly finish it. Unlike the usual salad prawn, the "prawn" used is not as nice, and you gotta dip into the sauce. Normally the sauce is pan fried onto the entire prawn, where it is more fattening.

Guihua Noodles $4

Tasty and the noodles are chewy. I guess thats the best dish for the night. It is not too dry.

Location: Fortune Centre, Level 2 - 18

Opening Hours: till 8Plus daily