Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Green+on+Earth Vegetarian Cafe (绿之天地) *CLOSED DOWN*

This cafe has closed down. Please let me know if they have moved.

Green on Earth (GOE) initially started with selling organic food but it has since focused on doing wholesome healthy fusion vegetarian cuisine. I've long heard of this cafe as the web is created by my friend daniel.
Anyway, I finally had the chance to eat and write about the food there. Thanks to Gwennie again, for she has been fetching me around SG just to try at all these new cafes, as some of them (like GOE) is not really accessible via train.

Thai Tofu cakes with Salad & inhouse sauce $4.80

Since the dish name starts with a "thai", I was expecting it to make me reminisce the bangkok days, but i guess only the sour salad did the trick. This is basically an easy side dish made from a tofu mixture wrapped in beancurd skin and panfried (without oil). The tofu mixture is a combination of Tofu and carrots (and maybe other ingredients which I am unable to see) then wrapped into a roll. I was trying to figure out where the inhouse sauce was. There were only 3 dots of chili for 5 mini pieces of tofu, hence I was not able to taste how special it tasted, as it really is just chili sauce. 96 cents for each piece of tofu, and supposed to be a "signature" dish. Seriously, I find it expensive.

Zha Jiang Mian (Price unknown)

Not able to see the noodles as it was totally covered by the special mushroom sauce and lettuce. All you need to do is to mix the whole plate like rojak. This is still a worthy dish to try as there is no MSG added at all. Another place that sells good zha jiang mian is living greens off beach road.

Creamy Mushroom Soup $3.80

Gwennie forbade me to post her picture, but I doubt she checks my blog anyway.. hee, Sometimes with people in the picture, its more promising mah! Anyway, the soup is not very creamy like the one we tried at Roma Deli's, but it does has a similar taste to the one served at the green room cafe in Bishan. However, it is not as thick and tasted rather blend. I reckon that there is no butter/flour used in this concoction, hence if you are looking for a healthier alternative, this is a good option.

Baked Curry Brown Rice $9.80

I was expecting the dish to be served from a baking dish, but was quite surpised to find the cheese spread to be just 5 cm circumference big covering only the top of the rice. Comprises of Potatoes, Pumpkins and brown rice. The curry taste is very authentic and is suitable for those who like indian vegetarian food.

Decor wise, it is generally clean, and modern styled. As it is located on the top floor, there is a stark contrast between the hawker centre located opposite and this cafe, as it really appears more "atas". Prices wise, for noodles/rice, reasonable. For separately cooked dishes, I find it more on the high side, perhaps due to inflation and perhaps the ingredients used are more expensive.

Still, not a bad choice if you are looking for healthy food.

144, Upper Bukit Timah Road
#04-03 Beauty World Centre
(S) 588177

Tel: 65 6468 4748

Opening Hours: Open Daily (Including Public Holidays)11am - 10pm (9.30pm Last Order)