Friday, October 3, 2008

Roma Deli's Vegetarian Cafe

This cafe has been around for ages and has since becomed so popular that it is always fully packed. Anyway, had dinner with gwennie at this cafe the other day. What I think has been successful for this cafe is that it reaches out to the young and trendy with western dishes like pasta/bread/soups. I was quite surprised to see most young people patronising this cafe. I guess this is where we can actually start vegetarianism awareness among the young! Back to the food, set meals are popular where it comprises of a soup, main dish (pasta or pizza) and a soft drink. It costs around $10 per set meal, which is quite reasonable, however, not for your everyday meal.

Set Meal - Mushroom Soup

Soup comes with the baked herbs bread. The soup tastes thick and quite comparable to other places. I personally thought soup spoon is better. Anyway, this is not vegan friendly. Fattening too, as much butter and flour is used for the thick gravy. Opt for just drinks instead, if you are on a diet. Nonetheless, a little pamper once in a while is required.

Main Course - Spicy Cheese Spagetti

Not very spicy and I thought the gravy could have been thicker instead of it being so watery. Ingredients wise is quite reasonable. as there are quite a lot of ham stripes and lettuce included.

Curry Rendang Baked Rice

This is my all time favourite.. I tried the Satay Spagetti before but I thought that was too much like a chinese dish. Anyway, this baked rice never fail to satisfy my hunger pangs. It may not be too cheesy, but the taste is just right. The curry is not too spicy and the chicken chunks are fabulous.

All in all, it is a cafe that has started out unnoticed, but it business has since grown into providing ready microwavable meals today. I guess this is a good model for a business to sustain overtime.

If you are still thinking of indinine, perhaps this is an alternative.

Location: 100 Beach Road #01-23 Shaw Towers
Tel: 6293 4585
Opening Hours: 11.30am - 9pm (last order at 8.30pm)