Saturday, November 8, 2008

Malaysia - Restoran Good Friends @ Genting

Another trip to Genting.. this time with the ex-colls... Genting has becomed quite vegetarian friendly of late. There are vegetarian choices available at most restaurants. I had mentioned the vegetarian food available at Genting earlier here. So this time I'm going to write about other restaurants.

Good Friends is located at the older Highlands Hotel, and I was quite happy to see a vegetarian section in its menu.

Vegetarian Braised Beancurd with Mushroom RM14

Me and Gwennie shared this claypot with a bowl of rice. Cost us around RM8 each. There are lots of ingredients in this pot. Comprises of Tofu, Mushrooms and Gingko nuts. It tasted a little bland, but it aint a bad choice still. Hence if you do get tired of the vegetarian stall at First World hotel, this restoran may be another choice.

Location: Level 2, Highlands Hotel

Opening Hours: Till 10+ daily