Monday, May 10, 2010

Shanghai - Hao Niang Niang Vegetarian Restaurant (好孃孃素食馆)

Apologies for the late post. Justice&equality, here's any restaurant I went to when I was in Shanghai then. Its located in the "Hong Kou" district. Nonetheless, there is phamplets available for you at the Shanghai Expo to let you know the vegetarian places in the city area. However if you do travel out of the city, you may need to search online for more. This restaurant I went to was in the dianping website as I was staying in one of the 3 star hotel there. It is located directly opposite the CBD area (Lu Jia Zhui).
Went with Bro Xun one of the nights.
Veg Sausage with Beans CNY 26

It is always better to look at the pictures before you order, as the english translate of the dish doesnt describe the dish correctly. Again, it features my favourite sausage of all times. Sadly this was a tad too oily.

Spicy Chicken CNY 28

I wanted something spicy and hence ordered this dish. Goes really well with rice.

The exterior of the rest. I guess the only bad point is that it is not near any MTR stations, hence you may need to take a cab there.

Location: No.108,Zhapu Road,Shanghai


Opening Hours: Till 9pm daily

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