Monday, April 19, 2010

24 Hours Vegetarian Stall @ Pasir Ris

Went to this place couple of weeks back as it was still open after 9 in the evening. Sunnietart was telling me that she came here last time at 3am. I guess this is one of the few vegetarian outlets that open round that clock (24/7). Anyway it is pretty near the downtown east hence you may come here if you do have hunger pangs at night.

Stall Front

Nothing special about the stall front, similar to most stalls you see in coffee shops. However, they do have a lot of to offer. Ranging from the normal mixed-veg rice/bee hoon fare to Tze char, it is a stall that does has quite a lot to offer.

Ban Mien $3

Can be cooked with egg if requested. Comprise of lots of veg and some mock meat slides and topped with mushroom fritter. Soup was quite tasty. Aint too bad for a light meal as it wasn't oily.

Dry noodles $3

Comprises of veg Char Siew, Veg and Fried goose. Noodles was a little over-cooked hence I wasn't too satisfied with it. However, the sauce and chili was good to cover up the sogginess, hence its still edible afterall.

Popiah $1

A huge roll indeed! If you have noticed my earlier posts, I never fail to order popiah whichever place sells it, as its my favourite snack of all times! Though this is a huge roll with generous amount if turnip wrapped within, it is still not the best I've eaten. The turnip wasn't sweet enough and there wasn't other ingredients other than turnip. However, I was too full by the time I finish the 3rd piece.

Other dishes available: Tze Char like bee hoon, char kuey tiao, hor fun etc.

Diet: Comprises of Milk/Egg

Location: Blk 443 Pasir Ris drive 6

Operating Hours: 24 Hours Daily except Chinese New Year

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