Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Zen Japanese Vegetarian Restaurant Singapore *Relocating in Progress*

*Zen is relocating. They sent me an SMS, so they will let us know where the new location is. If you love Jap food, go to Herbivore, located inside Fortune Centre, its under the same owner.*
I first got to know the opening of this new Japanese vegetarian restuarant through the vegetarian society website. Newly opened for just a week, this restaurant is strategically located in the "vegetarian heaven" of Singapore, Bugis. In my earlier posts, I've mentioned that Bugis has close to 12 Vegan or vegetarian stalls and restuarants to date, all are within walking distance. I believe it is also because of the famous Kwam Imm (Godess of Mercy) Temple which is located nearby that led to the vegetarian boom. This new Japanese setting definitely has a strong competitive edge in this area.

Exterior of the Restaurant

Located on the 2nd floor of the building. Fairly easy to spot and its the only veg. place in this building.
At the Door

Simple posters pasted on the door.
Interior of the Restaurant & Kitchen

The interior of the restuarant follows a contemporary modern style with a zen feel, where the seats are white and decor is simple. It should be able to sit close to 70 pax. The partitions are quite high which does provide some privacy. I like the open kitchen concept as it does makes us feel like the Japanese eatery style.

It is indicated that no Alcohol, Eggs, Onions and Garlic on the first page of the menu. Also, it has included a verse from Gandhi :" The Greatness of a Nation can be Judged by the Way its Animals are Treated".

They serve quite a range of dishes ranging from hot soups to side dishes, salads, noodles, hotpots as well as Japanese sets. The names of the dishes are also written in Japanese. Sunnietart and I ordered a Jap Set each.

Japanese Green Tea (Ocha) $6

I'm used to drinking "powdered" or tea bag form green tea, hence was a little surprise when this came with fresh tea leaves. It is actually brown rice green tea, hence is different from the usual green tea bags you can get from supermarkets. In addition, they also allow hot water refill, hence quite worth the price.
Tonkatsu Set $13

Sunnietart ate this Tonkatsu set as she likes the Pork Cutlet. We enquired and found that this "meat" is not brought from veg. suppliers but totally made my their own chef. It has a unique taste that has a little resemblence of our veg. nuggets. Tastes crispy on the inside and chewy within. The homemade BBQ sauce also managed to enhance the taste further. This set consists of the cutlet, rice, miso soup, salad served with sesame dressing, steam veg (pumpkin, lady fingers etc) , pickles with seaweed and fruits. Considered a big portion if you are a small eater.
Unagi Don Set $14
I ordered this Unagi Don Set as I've always been dreaming of eating this since my colls are avid fans of the real Unagi. Unagi refers to "eel". Im surprised as the outlook of my fish really does look like the real version! This is definitely suitable for people who are not into the soy-protein made mock meats as the fish is totally tofu made. It is a fresh tofu mix spread on seaweed and creatively grilled with their homemade sauce. Tastes soft (no bones!) and goes really good with rice! The set also comes with the same side dishes as the Tonkatsu Set. I personally loved the salad as it comprises of raddish, lettuce and seaweed topped with sesame sauce.

Ganmo (Tofu) $6

This was the only side dish we ordered as they ran out of salmon sashimi. Basically 2 tofu balls pan fried and served with soy sauce. It tasted the same as my unagi, and I personally felt the price doesn't justify.
All in all, I was very satisfied and full after finishing everything served. I would definitely return again to try other food items. In addition, I really enjoy looking at the nice presentation of the dishes. Recommended if you are a vegetarian who is willing to try all kinds of vegetarian food. Do go with a open mind and be reminded this is fully vegetarian.
Location: 122, Middle Road #02-02, Midlink Plaza
Tel: 6883 1586 - do place your reservations on weekends.
Opening Hours: 11.30am to 2.30pm, 6pm - 10pm


Anonymous said...

Hello, do they charged GST n service charge?

missveg said...

Hello Gary, no gst and Svc charge

Anonymous said...

oic but is their service n staff friendly?
i love your blog, am an avid reader of yours :) keep updating us with great vege places ok?. :)


missveg said...

Hello Gary,
I think the staff are okay.. so far i've not experienced any bad service.
Thanks for your support. I'll try to blog as often as possible thou.

Sunny said...

Wow, I had already arranged an appointment with my friend to pay a visit. :-)

Sunny said...

I get to try the salmon sashimi, tastes really alike!
I like their Katsu curry udon set too. :-)

amirah said...

We just been there recently, and it was so good! Had the unagi one as well! :D Ebi fry was delish!

Thanks for blogging these. Now we can find more places to eat :)

Criceto said...

I went there last Friday. Now there is 10% service charge. No GST computation shown in the bill though.

Sam @ Shinobu said...


Thanks for your post. For sometime i have been looking for Japanese vegetrian restaurant. Will try out this weekend.


KaoriWinter said...

Hi, do you have any idea where they relocate to? Or they are still relocating :(?

KaoriWinter said...

Hi, do you have any idea where they relocate to? Or they are still in the mids of relocating? Midlink plaza has been closed for renovation for quite awhile...

missveg said...

Hi Kaori Winter, they have not informed on their new location, but you can go to Hervivore, located inside Fortune Centre, first floor. The Japanese selection from Zen is still available. This is operated by the same owner.