Saturday, May 29, 2010

Gokul Vegetarian Restaurant @ Little India

I finally went to Gokul after MUCH persuasion by my sister sunnietart and gwennie who assured me they serve really good non-indian cuisine as well! And here finally a post on an Indian restaurant!So one of the nights I finally went with sunnietart and my cousin. Gokul is one of the few vegetarian places that do not contain Eggs, Onion and Garlic in their cooking, so everything on the menu can be ordered! However, I believe they do have milk in some dishes or drinks like the mango lassi which I totally adore.

Restaurant Front

*Picture taken from Crystal's Blog*

Has 2 shop spaces located on the ground floor of a shophouse.

Mee Rebus

This was highly recommended by gwennie as she loved the mee rebus here. Perhaps I had really high expectations when it comes to mee rebus as I have not found any alternative to the one at Ubi. I find this mee rebus so-so only. Wasn't fantastic, but it was still okay. The only ingredient here was the multiple pieces of beancurd and lots of noodles. I find it rather expensive.

Indian Rojak

I missed the indian rojak a lot from Nan Pu Tuo (Geylang) and there isnt much veg indian rojak places in Singapore. Hence I wanted to try out this. Wasn't too bad, the sauce was okay in comparison. Portion however is big and we almost couldn't finish it! It comprises of Fried Beancurd, Veg Yam Roll and Flour Balls. Not exactly a healthy dish since its all deep fried.

Tahu Goreng

It is not recommended if you order both indian rojak and Tahu Goreng together as you may suffer from Beancurd Intoxication like I did! I was getting tired of Beancurd after my 5th or 6th piece of beancurd, regardless of the different sauce. It was a nice presentation though. The sauce was really thick and the chef was really generous with peanuts. A good dish on it own.

Kambing (Mutton) Soup

Sunnietart's favourite soup! Im never a fan of kambing soup due to its strong flavour of tamarind powder and spices. Anyway she loves it and I guess she is missing it dearly now.

Chicken Rice

I was rather surprise that they even have "Chicken Rice" in the menu! Cousin ordered this as we read from the forums that this was good! I quite like the rice as it was quite fragrant, the best was the chili, really spicy! Chicken was the usual veg mock meat that we can get frm most veg suppliers.

Murtabak (Mutton)

I've always been wanting to try murtabak as the one sold at zi zai was a total disappointment. This was so good that cousin finished 6 out of the 9 pieces! Its basically flour wrapped with mutton curry within. Crispy on the outside, chewy meat on the inside. The curry was acceptable in my opinion. In addition, there are many other fillings available like sardine, chicken etc for you to choose!

I will surely come back to try the rest of the dishes.

Location: 19 Upper Dickson Road, Singapore 207478.

Tel: 6396 7769
Opening Hours: 10.30am - 10.30pm (daily)

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justicenequality said...

It started out at Madras Street under a different name but sold out to another party and move to this present location. I believe it has a different owner than the one who started this restaurant.

Previously they have Buffet-style costing only $6.00 which progressively increase to $6.50, to $6.90 and finally $7.50.

The spread then was value for money and it was Good. But alas they choose to discontinue with the Buffet.