Monday, September 7, 2009

Fo You Yuan Vegetarian Restaurant (佛有缘素食餐馆)

I've always been wanting to write about this place since my last visit. Like Loke Wor Yuen, Fo You Yuan is another pioneer vegetarian restaurant in Singapore. It is a typical chinese vegetarian restaurant that brings you one of the more authentic dishes. I am quite surprised that this place can sustain for such a long time despite the strong competition in the market.

French Roasted Mushroom (法式烤菇) $24

I've deeply remembered the vegetarian escargots I tried before at Furama Hotel when they had a vegetarian fest more than 10 years back. Little did I know that they have this dish at Fo You Yuan as well! In replacement of the real "snails", fresh mushrooms are use instead. Placed in a special baking container, the fresh mushrooms are marinated with herbs and topped with mozarella cheese and baked till golden brown. Really juicy,chewy and fragrant.

Nonya Curry Fish

I can still vaguely remember the taste of the curry. Aint too spicy, but is full of the authetic curry paste. Fish slices are homemade, which was soft on the inside but cripsy on the outside.

Stir Fried Spinach

Aint oily and very fresh!

All in all, the setting of the restaurant is very traditional and chinese-styled. This is one of the places you can go back to if you do get bored of fusion food.

If you do intend to visit on a weekend, I would suggest you to place a reservation as it is really crowded.

Other dishes: Popular Fried Bee Hoon

Diet: Lacto-ovo, some dishes contain cheese

Location: 155, Kitchener Road
TeL: 6744 8009

Opening Hours: Till 10PM daily.