Monday, September 28, 2009

Tian Ran Vegetarian Food Supplier

Went there with my parents a couple of weeks back when we need to stock up on our mock meat items. There are quite a number of vegetarian food suppliers in Singapore and we have 1 located in one of the factories at Bedok.
I must admit that for newly converted vegetarians, it is definitely not easy to resist temptations. Tian Ran offers quite a wide range of vegetarian products from ham, fish to fishballs etc. As most people do have the misconception that vegetarian products are made from flour, most food products do NOT come from flour, but soy protein that is derived from soy beans and flavourings. For certain products, there are some that are made of gluten and you can feel gelat.

Store Front

Quite a small area from the front, and you can select from some of the fridge outside. If you are looking for certain products, its good to look thru the menu. Then helpers will get for you.

Our Stash

Recommended Items:

Konnyaku Fishballs, Fishcakes, Teochew Fishballs - All these are widely sold in most vegetarian stalls in singapore.

Wei Qi Char Siew - I used this for my mariated char siew rice and feedback was good!

They offer free delivery with $50 orders and above to nearby locations. Its good to surf the web and call before you want to go!

May not be as good as friendly supplier, but good enough if you need just some common products.

Location: BLOCK 3017, #03-30
Bedok North Street 5,
Gourmet East Kitchen,
Singapore 486121

Tel: (65) 6445 1686
Fax: (65) 6445 3007