Friday, September 11, 2009

Loving Hut Japan (Tokyo)

I've not been to the Tokyo Branch so this is thanks to Gwennie for finishing this review on my behalf! It is not easy to find pure vegetarian food in Japan as most of the dishes, sauces, soups etc contain meat/seafood content. Its a real content to find Loving Hut going all out to reach out to places like Korea and Japan to introduce the vegetarian concept.


Like our local outlets, has 2 menus (one for drinks and the other for food) as well. One good thing is english is available and helps us to decide what we want to eat. Most of the meals comes in a set, which is quite typical in a Japanese setting.

If you do visit Japan and would like to draw up your own itinery, I guess food places is a challenge, and you may visit this site "Vegan Japan" and look for details. It is pretty interesting and Gwen found out about this website as it is done by one of the famous Vegan Restaurant visitor - Herwin Walravens. This info is also available in the restaurant.

They do not serve ala-carte items when gweenie visited that day so they ordered 3 different set meals.

Dim Sum Plate

Steam Rice Dumpling Plate

Steam Vegetable Dumpling Plate

Each set comprises of 6 little dishes, 5 of which are the same while 1 main is different. You may see that they have something like our vietnamese Roll whereby they include veg and mint leaves in the wrap. In addition, there is a seaweed salad available. Then a vegetable soup that is similar to our sharks fin soup. All of these dishes are either steamed or raw, making it really differnt from the fried items we see in Singapore. I guess its also due to the diet in Japan.

Portion is really BIG and they felt really full after that. Gwen's comments are that the food are tasty, but a little on the bland side. Nonetheless, one will feel really healthy after a visit. Each Set costs 1000YEN (SGD 16), which I think is still affordable given their high living standards. Perhaps 2 persons can share 1 set.

Anyway, with more vegan outlets opening in Japan, it does give us a reason to visit real soon!

Location: I do not have the add in English. So Please copy and Paste this if you do intend to visit!

〒160-0004 東京都新宿区四谷三丁目6-15-2F                    TEL:03-6807-9625

Opening Hrs: 11.30AM - 9PM


*Japan Vegan Places Guide: