Thursday, December 17, 2015

Shitoya @ Melaka

This is another post contributed by Dr Neoh

Melaka is one of my favourite town in Malaysia which I visit frequently and regularly. This recent visit, my non-veg friend GL brought me to her favourite vegetarian restaurant Shitoya.

Customers are required to take of their shoes before entering. It's like you are entering your friend's house.

The location could be a bit of challenge to find, although it is actually not far away from tourist spots like Jonker walk. GPS, Waze and/or Google Maps would be indespensible unless you are local.

Since GL is a local, we have no problem locating this joint.

There is no barrier between the dining area and the kitchen; again, as if you were in your friend's house.

The decorations gave a homey feeling.

As stated in the cover of the menu, please be patient, as the chef/owner is not professionally trained, and not able to handle two or three woks at a time!

As a regular, GL called before our arrival, so that the steam boat sets were already set up when we arrived. 

We ordered "Vampire Fried Rice" on the spot. "Vampire" pronunciatino in Mandarin sounds like "shredded ginger" (僵尸 vs 姜丝), and it also imply that it is without garlic. 

We also had a bowl of salad, and a serving of roasted vegetable rolls as side dishes.
In conclusion, Shitoya is a restaurant with homey feel, relaxing environment and nice food. Most dishes are priced between RM12 to RM20, which I think it's quite reasonable for the quality.

Address: No 19, Jalan KBS3, Taman Kota Shahbandar, Kota Laksamana, 75200
Telephone: 06-288 0833
Opening hours: 12 noon - ?
GPS: 2.193225, 102.237407 (Approximate location)

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