Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Artisan Boulangerie @ Killiney Road (Veg Options Available)

This week I was asked this question:- how do we really access "healthy" vegetarian eating? Do we really know what we are eating? Where do our real "proteins, nutrients, Vitamins"  come from? Do "Healthy Vegetarian" signs from veg stalls really signify "Healthy"? Well, my answer is, the choice is always ours to make and determine what we think "Healthy" is. Of course, being a vegetarian, we are always spoilt for choices and at times it is good to go really healthy and green for a good cleanse of our body.
I am really glad to have the opportunity to attend a dinner session at Artisan Boulangerie (a.k.a. ABC).
Note that ABC is not a "Pure" vegetarian/vegan place, but they have recently re-invented their menu to include quite a number of Vegetarian/Vegan options in their menu.

ABC Restaurant
I understand that ABC started at Killiney and now has 10 stores countrywide. Some stores do not have the full menu as per my understanding.
Launch of new menu ~

Nice Ambience

The New Menu

The new menu has indication of "vegetarian" dishes. However, I have noted that most contain cheese which may have "rennet" in them, so do read through the ingredients if you are a strict vegan/vegetarian! Also, some may have Onion/garlic in their sauce, so the safest to eat would be the salads, juices, smoothies and breads.
Fresh Juices ($6.40 - $8.50)
We had the ABC (Apple, Beetroot & Carrot) juice and a Kale Cucumber Apple Juice. I have never had kale before so it was a surprise as the blend was great! The taste wasn't "raw" as I've expected it to be. Instead it was fresh, and blended well with apple. Moreover, i felt full after this juice!
I have to admit that I was rather ignorant on the knowledge of kale though I have heard about it before.
According to reports, "Kale" is well known as a "healthiest" food in the world, and was supposed to be number 1 with multiple benefits. I think if we have been eating a lot of mock meats or processed foods, its good for a cleansing session at times.

Olive Bread

 Famous French Baguette
All of ABC's pastries and breads are baked freshly daily and contains no preservatives, additives and enhancers. In addition, they are handmade with imported french flour and premium European Butter. Again, because butter is used, the breads are not vegan-friendly. 

I think they would go well with soups or even coffee. Personally I prefer the Olive bread but it was a little oily. Then again, olive oil is supposed to be a healthier oil? 

Power Kale with Pecans Salad $10

 Organic Quinoa & Fennel Salad $12

Again, the skeptical me thought that the kale salad wouldn't be good, but the blend with lemon vinaigrette was awesome. 
Quinoa is also another superfood that some people eat this as a replacement to rice, and it is filling as well.
Avocado Wrap
Loads of greens and yummy avocado. Would be better if served warmed.

It is heartening to know that ABC has a "foodbank" donation program everyday for their unsold breads which are donated to the needy families as part of its corporate social responsibility. 
I do hope to see more veg items on its menu to promote a healthier choice for their patrons.

Personally, not your normal $3 economical place to go on a daily basis, but its an alternative and choice for us to go at times to have a cleanse. I will definitely keep in mind of including "kale" in my homemade salads.

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