Friday, November 7, 2014

Nature Cafe @ Kallang Ave (The Aperia)

Nature Cafe has been around for quite some time and my sister clarice has been raving about it for the longest time. However, I didnt head down to the west previously so I was really delighted when they decided to open a second outlet in the EAST.
And Ms Veg finally found time to go during lunch time this week. This cafe is located in a new building thats located along Kallang Ave, the nearest MRT is Lavender.
I really like the interior design! From their logo itself, Owl seems to be their lucky charm and you can spot some owls in the shop as well.
The interior deco provides a tranquil and cool setting and we were really surprised and delighted that its was full house on a normal week day.

Cafe from the Front View
Full house on a weekday. It is recommended to visit them on weekends as they took some time to serve.

Interior Design - Really Chic!
I Love the design of this cafe. There's also a poem on the wall: "Look Deep into Nature and you will understand everything better"- by Albert Einstein

Nature serves wide range of cuisine from local delights to western dishes. They even serve daily specials as well as daily soups!

Decided to try 2 mains and 1 side:
Dried Char Siew Wanton Noodles $5.50
The noodles taste really good! It was chewy and spicy to my liking. Vegetables are steamed and served with oyster sauce. There are many pieces of Char Siew (also known as roasted pork). The Wanton is ok, but i felt that more ingredients can be added. Nonetheless, its a good noodle and soup is tasty. Nothing much to hiam.

Mexican Cheesy Chop Set $13.50
Mr Tea ordered this Mexican Chop set which comes with a soup. There are 2 other places in Singapore that serve Mexican Steak - One is North South East West, the other is Simple Food. We find that focus for this set is the pasta instead of the meat, as the meat is rather small. The pasta, on the other hand, is cooked to perfection. The meat was ok, as its made from Mock Meat with cheese on top. Soup is a well blend of mushroom and cream. Portion is rather big in our opinion.

Chili Cuttlefish Ball $5.50
This sotong ball is the normal mock meat that you can find in the market, the sauce is so-so, but ms veg thinks they can improved further by using sambal chili sauce instead of the sweet chili sauce.

Location: The Aperia . No 12 Kallang Ave #01-28
Tel : 67023962.
Opening Hours: 10AM to 10PM daily - Enjoy free Lunch time parking during weekdays (12-2pm till Dec 2014!)

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Yes, I like the food there. Very nice !