Tuesday, November 4, 2014

SuFood (舒果) Singapore @ Raffles City Shopping Centre (CityHall)

Ok ms veg is really Slow in reviews because she has been away from Singapore! And FINALLY I had a chance to embark on my "Italian food experience" after so many rave reviews! I did go to Sufood earlier when their first launched to witness their Star Pizza record breaking journey and I have been missing their Pizza since.
Its been 4 months plus since opening and it is still fully packed every day. I had to call a week before to reserve seats for a meal on a Monday. Sufood is really successful in their launch with many media invites, reports and even radio promo!
Sufood boasts a meat free dining concept from one of the biggest chain operator from Taiwan. This casual bistro style 140-seat restaurant in Singapore is their first outside of Taiwan where they already have 18 outlets.

So I was really excited being there finally with Michy & Cherry.
You can take a look at their comprehensive Menu available from their website: http://www.sufood.com.sg/

Everyone would definitely go for the Set Menu as it is more worth ala carte. A set meal costs $25++ per pax, and it comes with the Appetizer, Bread, Salad, Soup, Main, Dessert & Drink. They can cater to your specific needs if you require them to serve Lacto-Ovo or Vegan style. I went for Lacto-Ovo Style.

The Sufood Appetizer

This is a standard appetizer which comprises of poached Japanese yuca Root (I think its "山药") in blueberry sauce, Snowflake Greens in a special sesame like sauce and a cherry tomato Jello. From the pic as you can see, we were told to eat from the Right to the left, as the tastes goes from light to strong. This is the first i've had such an appetizer, so it all tasted normal, sweetness of the blueberry. a little raw of the greens and a bit of sour for the cherry tomato. What wowed me was the little glass of Vinegar like drink, which i think is tasty.

Rosemerry Breadsticks
Yummy yummy yums! Soft and the Mustard sauce made the bread perfecto!

Pumpkin Soup
The girls tried Pumpkin Soup while I took the Cabbage & Sweet Potato Stew.

Cabbage & Sweet Potato Stew
This is really good - tasted just like how my mum would cook, brew for many hours. However, it doesnt seem italian. i thought it would go well with rice & braised meat.

Classic Garden Salad
Mushroom Salad
 Vegetables are really fresh. Its the Sauces that stole the limelight!

Macaroni Alfredo Casserole

Cherry ordered this dish. The creamy sauce blends well together with mushrooms and macaroni.

Star Pizza
 I was lucky to go with my friends as this is a huge serving. Filled with Osyter mushrooms & yummy sauces. What surprises us was the cream cheese hidden in the crust. Wow!

Vegetable Pita Pockets

This was the only dish I could not try as onions/garlic could not be omitted. The girls find that this is the best main of the day!

Our Desserts!

 Sesame Panna Cotta
I found it too bland if you actually had ice cream before this. Yuzu Tea was good!

Vanilla Ice Cream & Berry Drink

Banana Cheesecake
Michy thinks the cake is a little small. I think that there should be "real banana" in the case as the banana taste was a little too light.

It was a fine experience. Service was good, and they serve really fast.
I will be back again to try other mains for sure. For $25+, be prepared for a really FULL meal.
Oh BTW, Sufood is offering 1-1 deals from 2.30PM.. good deal!

Cheers to SuFood!
Location: Raffles City Shopping Centre (Cityhall MRT)
252 North Bridge Road #02-19
Lunch; 1130AM - 430PM
Dinner: 530PM - 10PM
Contact: 6333 5338

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