Monday, January 5, 2015

Green Dot @ Paya Lebar Square

Green dot has been in the market for the last couple of years and they first started business in Schools. I actually remembered them on Kiss 92 last time.
They have finally opened at Paya Lebar Square, giving Miss Veg another option to veg food since there are only 2 veg stalls in the Paya Lebar area. Ms Veg is really greatful and happy! Been eating almost once a week there!
The Shop Front
This restaurant is much bigger than the outlet at Bedok Mall, which only has limited seats.

Interior of the restaurant~ Nice!

Fridge & Food Supplies
This outlet also sells some of the mock vegetarian items and dry food supplies that one can buy home to cook.
The menu offers a lot more varieties than Bedok, serving Bento Meals, Noodles and Burgers as well.

Mi Xiang Red Tea $5
Tea leaves are from Taiwan - has a fragrance of Honey!

Tom Yum Kway Tiao Soup $6.50
I tried the Tom Yum Kway Tiao during my first time and Really love the fresh vegetables! Theres lots of ingredients and the soup is not spicy, even my nephew loves it!

Herbal Noodles Soup $7.90
Ms Veg's friend had the herbal noodles soup and she comment the soup was not oily and yummy. Again, the ingredients given are more than the noodles!

Laksa $5.90
Another friend of mine tried the Laksa and it was good too! The soup tastes just like the one from the Lotus Restaurant! 
Spicy Taiwanese Bean Paste Noodles $5.90
This is Ms Veg's favorite to date as i've never tasted noodles that good! The Konnyaku slices were chewy, and my extra chili gave it and extra kick!

Ms Veg didnt know that they currently still have stalls operating in Schools, and one of them being Ms Veg's sec sch CCHSM! Really happy to see this. We hope Green Dot Open more outlets esp. in the west to continue their love for this planet! What made an impression was the aunties working here - yes they hire many aunties/ mummies/ old uncles who spoke nicely and explain to us whats nice, and service was amazing. Note that this restaurant adopt the return your tray campaign after you are done eating which i think is ok as we do not pay service charge. 

You can even like them on Facebook, at times they like to write about their staff which I think is heart warming, the aunties are like mommies to the young guys who are the owners of this business! I look forward to more meals here! 

Location: 60 Paya Lebar Road
#02-15/16/17 Paya Lebar Square
Singapore 409051 
Tel: +65 67022221

Do check out their outlets on their website!

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Awesome! Will go there tml! Thanks for such a wonderful blog.