Monday, October 26, 2009

Phuket Vegetarian Festival 2009

I've blogged about the Phuket Vegetarian Festival 2 years back when I first embarked on the trip. I've been wanting to go again, so this time I went with my parents, together with my aunt and cousin as well. The phuket vegetarian festival is a really big event that's held during the 9th lunar month. For more info, you may click here.
During this period of 10 days, the devotees and those attending the rituals would have to observe vegetarianism diets. Hence it was a true treat for us as vegetarian food is available in almost corner of phuket town.
Im going to introduce the foods that I did not mention in my earlier post.

I did not recall 7-11 has all these set meals available back then. Hence I was very happy when I saw this poster. Loads of set meals and paos available for us! All you need is to heat up in the hotel microwave. We brought 2 sets to try.

Green Curry with Brown Rice Set 35BHT

I'm not a fan of green curry but my cousin who ate this said it wasnt too bad! The authetic taste was there. Comprises of eggplant and some mock meats. It really affordable.

Hong Kong Noodles 35BHT

Comprises of Mushrooms, Cabbage and carrots. Simple but tasty!

Vegetarian Bun 15 BHT
I brought this really last min.. as I wanted to try how the buns taste like. It was surprisingly not bad tasting, not spicy as well. Comprises of Mushrooms and veg.

Potato Snack 20BHT

I was still wondering how come so many people where queuing up to buy this, but I got blown away the moment i ate it. VERY crispy and tasty! It is basically potatoes thats sliced with a special machine into this spiral form, then dipped into some batter before deep-fried. Then topped with the various spice flavours available. We took the hot and spicy flavour. YummY~ Thats my dear cousin posing with the yummy potato.

Coconut Snack 20BHT

I have not idea what is the name of this snack but since its made of coconut fillings, i'm naming it the coconut snack. Tastes heavenly if you love coconuts. The exterior is just a very thin layer of flour, and baked with fresh creamy coconut milk.

Chicken Rice/ Char Siew Rice

I was very happy to find chicken rice and char siew rice too! The sauces made the rice tasty. However the char siew tastes very different from the ones we eat in SG, hence we didn't really like it.

Must buy - Vegetarian Instant Noodles (Tom Yum)

5 of us brought 3 boxes, which is a total of 90 pkts home. Its really good.

It is amazing to find more than 100 stalls selling vegetarian food. Ranging from the normal char kway tiao to noodles soup to mixed veg rice.. they have almost everything you yearn for. However, there are a lot of fried foods too, making it really unhealthy. Hence do CHOOSe wisely. Now that I am back, I gotta go on a detox mode due to the over-eating. My aunt was left very satisfied at the end of the trip and is dreaming about coming back again. I guess I can start organising a yearly vegetarian food tasting trip to Phuket real soon.

Diet: Vegan, no eggs and milk used in all foods sold during this season

Location: All over Phuket Town