Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Wedding Review - Happy Restaurant (双喜楼) @ Paya Lebar

Just before I embark on my vegetarian festival Trip..I shall do 1 more post which was provided by my preggie sis, clare. My out-of-touch cousin was hosting his wedding dinner the same night as a close friend of mine.. So the rest of my family members went for his wedding dinner while I was at Swiss. Nonetheless, I reminded my sis to do the review.
No Menu on the table at Happy, so I will name them according to my understanding and experience. My parents were quite looking forward to this meal as it brought them some memories since they held their wedding dinner here 33 years ago too. But well, they were not vegetarians back then.

Cold Cuts Combination

It looked like a combination of my 1st and 3rd dish in a plate! Comprises of Mock Char Siew and Duck, Spring Roll and Crispy Goose. Seems like its missing in beehoon too. the crispy goose was better fried though. Everything is deep fried, so its definitely not suitable for the health enthusiast.

Sharks Fin Soup

Comprises of loads of ingredients like abalone mushrooms, enoki mushrooms and some mock meat. Mum said not too bad.

Golden Duck

Brought directly from the veg supplier, nothing can go wrong with the taste.

Brocolli with Mushrooms

Normal tasting, similar to those sold at tze char stall. The chefs (My mum and aunt) were still commenting that if they add abalone on top will be better.... until...


The next dish came.. and this was served separately.

Stir Fried Cauliflower

Seems to have the same sauce with brocolli earlier. The colour combi is not bad though.

Fei Cui Roll

Mum used to sell this at $3 per roll at her stall. This is one of the nicest mock meat I've tried so far. Easily found at most veg suppliers, but I think the best is from Xiang Xiang. Costs Ard $35 per big pack of 20 rolls I think. Easy to cook, just pan or deep fry will do. Tastes good with Sweet Sauce or Chili.


One of the better dish of the day... loads of veg, carrots and the taste was alright. However, noodles can be a little more dry.

All in all, aint too bad a meal since mostly are brought from the suppliers.

Location: 15 Tanjong Katong Road, Lion City Hotel