Sunday, November 1, 2009

Recipe - Vegetarian Siew Mai

I've always adore siew mais before I turned vegetarian. Sadly we cant really find replacements in the market and even places like lingzhi doesnt serve good siew mais. The only one I like so far is those that are sold by the suppliers.
So one of the days when I felt like munching something, i steamed 4 little pieces that can satisfy my hunger pangs for a while.
Siew Mai

This is how the original packaging looks like. Made from Malaysia and is certified Halal in the package. Woohoo! At least even my muslim friends can eat this too. Anyway, siew mai originally comprises of pork and according to my friends is actually very fattening. Anyway this vegetarian version needs to be kept in the freezer and all you need is to thaw and steam a few pieces as and when you want! Comprises of a total of 72 pieces in a pack.

The ingredients comprise of soy protein, wheat, carrots and konnyaku wrapped in wanton skin. Tastes really chewy and definitely healthier. If you are looking at places that sell you, Yuan Xiang does serve this but they do charge higher at 50 cents per pc.

Anyway, you can get this at most vegetarian suppliers.