Monday, August 3, 2009

Vege Sensation @ Serangoon (素为康)

After hearing much hype from the forum, I am being lured to this new place. Anyway, thanks to gwennie for willing to pick me up from work to proceed to this new place for dinner.
It is not fully done up yet as they are about to expand with another shop space at the side. Heard from the Chef James that they would be doing up wall papers and some furnishing. The current place doesnt look appealing, hopefully it would be better soon. James used to be from Deli Veg, hence the menu is somewhat similar to the one available there. Judging by the number of patrons on a Monday night, I believe that this cafe would definitely make it for the next couple of months, as I've seen people talking to the Chef himself. Seems like people follow wherever he goes.. I have heard about the rave reviews of the Grilled Chicken and Wanton mee. Hence we ordered one each to share.
Wanton Mee $4

It looks simple as shown, with lots of beansprouts, cai xin and served with vegetarian Char Siew and Wantons. Definitely a healthier version, since many places deep fry the wantons instead. I was quite surprised that the smell of the sauce was quite strong. I could taste some vinegar in the sauce hence I reckon its a special sauce comprising of sesame oil, vinegar and perhaps some marinated sauce. It does tastes very well when mixed in the noodles. For those who do not take chili, this is a good option. As for the wantons,I reckon it was a mixture of mushrooms and celery which brings out the crunchiness. However, the celery taste is quite strong, hence some may not like it. The Char Siew seems like the normal kind you can get at most suppliers. Overall, serving is quite big and can be shared.

Grilled Chicken $7

Served with Fries and Salad. The piece of meat is rather small. However, the fries are really filling, hence was enough for both of us. I liked the salad, but there is too much sauce in it. Overall, the meat patty is quite normal, but chewy. I personally thought that the sauce for the chicken was not savory enough.

Sensations Fried Chicken (SFC) $7

This is the best dish as ever. Even my mum loves it to the core. According to the chef, the crust is done up with 16 different types of flour and topped with chili spices. It does tastes similar to the shilin chicken available at Deli Veg. The portion is huge and must definitely be shared. The chicken tastes really tender and chewy. Not suitable if you are a really true health enthusiast since this is deep fried.

Other options available are: Handmade Popiah, Claypot Rice, Pasta, Japanese Bento Sets, Porridges, Tze Char dishes. There are more than 100 dishes available.

Diet: Vegan

Location: 530 Upper Serangoon Road
Opening Hours:-
Sun to Thu : 10am to 10pm
Fri and Sat : Opens till 3am


Ye said...

Erm you said the SFC is not suitable for vegans?? why????


Laura Ng said...

Thanks missveg for recommending vege sensation. I actually stayed very near to it but ever since I stopped going to boh ti, I stopped wandering along that row of shophouses anymore. If not for you, I won't know James had took over the place. Anyway, I just returned from Vege Sensation after dinner tonight. James saw me and still able to recognise me after so long :-) Very surprised because I only patronised Deli Vege a few times only. Anyway, I tried the char siew claypot rice, wanton mee, salty veg chicken soup and cheese baked prawns. Except for the cheese baked prawns which was a bit too salty, everything was ok. I say, James is able to upkeep his standard and pleasant attitude here.

So happy to have a good eating place near my home. :-D


missveg said...

hahaha Xinyi.. i tot there's mayo in the salad mah.. found tt its vegan. hahahah!

Peggy said...

We family of 4 went to Veg Sensation the 3rd time today.

I must say the food is sensational!!! We all loved the food. So far, we have ordered the SFC, Shi Lin Fried Chicken, Taiwan style Porridge, Wan-Ton Mee, Fried Wudong, Fried Mee-Sua, Shark's Fin.

We loved the food very much and the price is so so reasonable for such big servings, the food is yummy tasty and without MSG!! The chef is very generous with the ingredients in the dish we ordered! Keep up the work, Mr Chef! ;D

Hmmm... I feel hungry now after mentioning the food...

Laura-> You are so lucky to have such a healthy and yummy eating place close to where you lived!

Anonymous said...

The food standard has drop seriously n the staff there were very rude to customers.

missveg said...

Hi Gary,

Im quite surprised.. cos my sis just went last week and all seems ok.. hmm maybe the staff's feelings were affected and do not know how to manage. Anyway, no worries, there are other places you can go~

|aysh said...

Sad that I didn't get to try it:( it's closed by the way... Just tried my chance by coming over. No wonder the phone nbr doesn't work