Thursday, January 3, 2008

Vegetarian Whipped Potato

Managed to make Whipped potato that day and it tasted very much like the one from KFC, just that this one is vegetarian, and you dont have to worry about illnesses. hehe.

Whipped Potato
*Note I dont have the proportions.
1. For the Potatoes
Method 1: Cook potatoes in a big pot till they soften. Mash potatoes. Add Salt, Butter or Magarine, Fresh Milk and pepper. You may make into balls with the ice scream scoop.
Method 2: To make things easier, these days you can buy ready mixed potatoes flakes. (Sold in Phoon huat). All you need to do is to mix water into the flakes and stir. Then, add salt, butter/magarine, fresk milk and pepper.
2. For the Sauce
Some Plain Flour - fry on a non-stick pan till golden brown, cool aside for later use
Add Vegetarian Oyster Sauce, Dark Soy Sauce, Salt, Sugar and Black pepper with 200ml of water into a pot. Cook till fragrant.
Using the pre-cooked flour, add some water and mix into a paste first, then slowly pour the paste into the cooked sauce.
Serve over the Potatoes. Tastes quite spicy, as I have put a lot of black pepper in.