Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Luo Han Vegetarian Health Food

Went there for lunch the other day after much recommendations from Veggie Bun's web. Must Admit the Claypot Rice tastes fabulous!

Claypot Rice $4.50

As shown, there are many ingredients (e.g: Tofu, Cha Siew, Vegetables, Mock Meats etc). What i like about the rice is it tastes fragrant in dark soy sauce, and there are small pieces of salted fish on top, making it tastes like the real one. Worth the money i feel.

Hor Fun $3.50

Mrs Tibet order the Horfun, which i took a mouthful of it and find it so-so only. Similar to what they sell outside. However, the portion is big enough for 2 and mrs tibet could not even finish it. I personally prefer Hor Fun with egg though.

We also ordered 2 soups to try: Tonic Soup & Lotus Root Soup ($4 each)

Love the lotus root soup. We could have just ordered a bowl of rice with this soup! As for the tonic soup, too much ingredients that I could have suffered from nose-bleeding. heehee. Other than these, the cafe layout is clean and be sure to wait up to 20mins for the claypot rice on busy days.

Location: Fortune Centre #01-13/14,

190 Middle Road, Singapore 188979

Tel: 63331612

Opening Hours: Mon - Sun: 8am - 8.30pm