Tuesday, April 19, 2016

nomVnom @ The Central (Clarke Quay)

Ms Veg went to nomVnom previously when they were at Raffles Place and recently they have moved to Clarke Quay since the beginning of the year! Finally I went to visit with the mister and was surprised to see my fellow blogger Friend Keith (www.travelinspiration.com) there too. So, look out for his post too!
Anyway, nomVnom in my opinion is a close competitor to Vegan Burg. However, they offer a lot more options in comparison. To date, they have 16 types of Burgers, 13 types of Sides and 20 types of drinks available! 
nomVnom New Outlook

It was full house on a friday evening. Ms veg calculated that they should be able to cater to 30 pax on full capacity. Its rather open style as compared to the previous location, but it was impressive to see the full house!

The Menu
You can also follow the website to see more updates of the other 4 new burgers.

I have tried 4 burgers so far.. so there's 12 more to go!!

Rocket Tower $13.90
My Mister ate this the last round at Raffles Place. Its a HUGE burger with double patty, and if you just want 1 patty, the Nom Nom Burger comes with just 1. 

How the set meal works: 1 Burger + 1 Side + 1 Drink = Total Price - $2 = Meal Price

 Spicy Rice Burger Set $6.90 + $3.90 Goru Balls
This time decided to try the Spicy Rice Burger which doesnt come with a bread.Instead, it has a Rice Patty on top, middle was turnip mixed with a special homemade peanut Curry Sauce (not spicy) and then the meat patty at the bottom. The way to eat this is to use your fork and knife! Ms Veg initially thought the Rice Patty was quite saltish but it tasted well with the sauce and turnip. It actually took us some time to realize it was actually ketupat (the malay rice cake that people eat with Satay) dipped in batter and deep fried. It was a good innovation that came from Satay I guess.

Goro Balls is actually potato balls. They actually mixed vegetables inside and for a moment ms veg thought there were onions! Tastes similar to Vegan Burg's Spinach Pops.

QQ Cheezy Burger  + Truffle Fries $5.90 + Green Tea
This isnt a nice pic, so Ms Veg took from the FB page

*Taken from Nom's FB page

This burger totally blew me away! The chewiness of the patty was awesomely yummy, tasted a lot like the Calamari Rings. Truffle Fries was good as well! Most importantly, there's no cheese at all. Its totally vegan!

Its interesting to see so many options available at Nom Vnom and whats great is everything is vegan with no Onions/Garlic, so we can eat everything on the menu. For the health conscious you, they do have steamed patties for some burgers if you do not want to take fried foods.

Ms Veg tried the Sausauge (with courtesy from Melano) and felt that it was overly fried and lost its juiciness. Vegan Franks from Vegan Burg is better in terms of this.

The "Otah Otah, Meatless Mexican, Beetroon Hummus, Baby Truffle etc have steamed patties. Do check with the staff before ordering. We spent a total of $26 for 2 Burgers, 2 Sides and 1 Drink. Not your everyday economical meal, but worth a visit and indulgence once in a while. 

I will definitely be back for the other 12 burgers! 

6 Eu Tong Sen Street #B1-44
The Central
Tel: +65 6224 4996
Opening Hours: 11am - 9pm Daily
Web: www.nomvnom.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/nomvnom.sg/

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