Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Miao Xin Vegetarian 妙心素食 @ Bukit Timah (Former Xin Man Yuan)

Xin Man Yuan (formerly @ Chinatown) has since moved to Bukit Timah and rebranded themselves with a new Name - Miao Xin Vegetarian.
Ms Veg was in the West and decided to make a trip to this newly located cafe. Note that Parking can be difficult, as there's only parallel along the shop houses, or further up at courts. No free parking.

The new Cafe Name
Its a smaller outlet compared to its previous location which is now replaced by Miao Yi Vegetarian (Formerly Coronation). They are still under the same management I think. it was dark and I couldnt take the entire cafe picture.

Simple Cafe Design - You can choose an Al Fresco setting or air conditioned sitting.

The Menu
Other than rebranding, their menu is almost brand new as well! Also, most items are more economical now.
Here's some of the pages taken.

Most of their Patrons ordered the Congee set which comes with a claypot of Congee and 5 small dishes to share. 

Kway Chap $1
Decided to order the Kway Chap instead as the porridge portion was bigger.You can order the sides separately. While the Kway was smooth, ms veg finds the soup a little too sweet, as I have expected it to be saltish instead.

Braised Tau Kee (Beancurd Sheets) $2

 Braised Tau Pok $2

It was Chili that saved the Kway Chap~ yummy and spicy

Crispy Duck $8

The Crispy duck does not contain any mock meat as it was basically mushrooms wrapped in beancurd sheets and deep fried with a batter. I find the skin a little hard, but it was still ok with the sauce (甜面酱) and lettuce. $8 is a cheap deal.

Double Mushrooms with Salted Egg $8

Salted Egg is the hottest item these days and if there is anything a Must order from Miao Xin, it has to be this dish (NOT VEGAN). There's 2 types of mushrooms fried in batter and coated in salted Egg sauce. It doesn't look that fantastic but the taste blew me away. It was so good that it would make this cafe famous for its salted egg dish. hehehe~

There's still so much to try from Miao Xin and am glad that the prices are not too ex. They do charge 10% Service Tax as well as GST 7%. Even their laksa is cheaper than clover's one. 

The only sad thing gone is the dim sum that Ms veg now has to go HK or Macau to satisfy her craving.

Location: 21 Cheong Chin Nam Road (5 Mins walk from Beauty World MRT) - Shop House
Tel: 6463 1160
Operating Hours: 11am - 11pm

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