Sunday, May 11, 2014

Boneless Kitchen @ Bukit Merah *MOVED TO TAISENG*

Ok we are finally here after many bloggers have talked about them. Anyway, in my previous post on FB, the owners of this cafe used to operate at TaiSeng (Also known as Hanyi). They have since moved to Bukit Merah, and rebranded with "boneless kitchen". That makes them stand out is their specialty in Korean Food.

The Cafe
Not very accessible via MRT, but there are many buses along this area. It is located right beside the Nature Cafe which has been around for some time. So if you are tired of the norm chinese dishes, walk right next door for a change.

This was the supposedly nicely done menu. However, what was puzzling was that many cuisines are no longer available. Hence stick to korean mains, which is usually available. 

The Interior

It is a rather small cafe, could fit approximately 10 small tables.

Sides @ $3 Each

The Korean Rice cake was taken by my sister so I didnt eat before. The sauce was good.
I tried the Kimchi Dumplings, which I think was ok to taste. However, I wonder if the skin was too thick, some parts of the flour was uncooked. Perhaps they could consider using wanton skin next time.

Kimchi Noodles $7
I ate this when they were at Tai Seng outlet. Soup was good, not too spicy and sour.And the noodles were really Q.

Bibimbap (Hot Pepper Paste) $7.50
This is recommended as the vegetables are really fresh and uncooked. And we need to stir the vegetables to cook. It was a fun experience. In addition, this time they use raw egg, which tastes more authentic. They used to serve with a fried egg. If you are vegan, do inform them beforehand.

Here's the namecard of the boneless kitchen.

The pricing is still within the affordable range and you will be surprised the chef is actually a young girl. However, if you are asking for service, do be mindful that they can be rather inflexible to changes. I wanted to get their special Root Beer (Without float) but was rejected because they couldn't serve without ice cream. I had a colleague who was unhappy previously when she asked for chili or more sauce for the bibimbap but was rejected as well and given a reason that the sauce is appropriately proportioned.
Well, I certainly guess this was a insistence to provide ISO standard dishes.

Last but not least, it is rare to find korean food for vegetarians in singapore, so boneless kitchen has done it.

1 Irving Place #01-31

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