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Beyond Veggie by Secret Recipe @ Greenwood Avenue Singapore

I have been really ignorant as Beyond Veggie has been around for a couple of years in the Malaysian market. It was a recent trip to Johor Bahru (KSL City Shopping Centre) then I found this place. Recently they opened a franchise in Singapore and I am pleasantly surprised.
I read up about them, and found that they have mentioned in their website as well, they are a meatless/vegetarian outlet, but NOT vegan, as some dishes do contain, milk and eggs (diary products). I believe the cakes that they serve are not eggless too. So, if you are vegan, do enquire before heading down.
Anyway, i'm combining both my JB visit and the Singapore visit in this post since the menu is the same, except for price differences.
It is not known how and why Secret Recipe decided to spin off a vegetarian dining place but looking at the number of outlets/franchises they have in Malaysia, i guess the market has been receptive and supportive.

KSL Outlet
KSL Outlet
This is the KSL outlet. I didnt take the photo in Singapore, only the interior.

This is the interior of the Singapore Outlet. It is definitely not easy to find, as it is located within the vicinity of the private houses in Bukit Timah, Hillcrest Road. Although they are just opened, it was actually quite crowded and a reservation is recommended on a weekend. I think it is good at other than Miao Yi, at least there is another option for vegetarians in this Area.

Some Menu Snaps

I tried to save the menu from the web, but it was too huge. Here's the menu if you are keen: Beyond Veggie Menu. Do note that the prices stated in the web is in RM. The prices in Singapore is between the range of $10-$15 for the dishes. They serve a wide range of food, including chinese and western cuisine.

Mushroom Satay
This was the first time i had satay that doesnt comprise of mock meat so this was a pleasant surprise. This is made of monkeyhead mushrooms! The sauce was good too!

Calzone Pizza
Ordered this appetizer. Tomato paste, mix vegetables and cheese wrapped in a prata skin.

Yunnan Style Bee Hoon
We tried this in KSL previously. I have no idea why it is called Yunnan style. Nonetheless, it didnt taste very spicy, and the bee hoon wasnt too dry. Served with Mushroom Satay.

Stir-fry veg of the day with Balacan
Love it. Really Fresh!

Mahogany Tofu
We tried 2 types of Tofu so far. I can't explain what's mahogany, but in chinese its called "香椿". A little strong to taste in the sauce, so some people may not like it. I personally find the Tofu in Malaysia is better than Tofu in Singapore though. The gravy has a lot of mushrooms and the veg version of "lard", also known as 花形 made from soy protein.
Spicy Thai Sauce Tofu
I strongly prefer this as the sauce was not spicy at all, and goes well with rice.

Deep Fried Shredded Mushroom
This is abalone mushroom deep fried in special batter and served with pumpkin floss. I couldn't make out it was pumpkin floss and had to relook into the menu!

Assam Curd Cutlets with Eggplants & Long Beans
We ordered this at both outlets because this dish really impressed me. The gravy is really yums. I ordered it again in Singapore because I wanted to intro it to my mum. She is an expert in Assam Fish, so she really enjoyed this version, but she termed it as nonya style compared to the real "assam". The curd cutlets are made from Beancurd sheets, which is actually similar to the mock "Fish". This is my favorite dish to date!


 Its Secret Recipe, how could we not have some desserts before leaving? Didnt order any Cheesecake as I was unsure if there was rennet. The Pure Chocolate cakes are heavenly!

Cute Fan

Was trying to get a name card from them but it was not ready so they gave me a cute fan. I really love the quote at the back!

Singapore: 18 Greenwood Avenue, Hillcrest Park
Opening Hours: Unknown. Please call before going!
Tel: 67631323

Malaysia Outlets: Do refer to their website/call if the malaysia outlet is open as some people left comments that certain outlets may be closed!
Facebook Page: Beyond Veggie by Secret Recipe like them today!

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I AM Oribel said...

I was recently introduced to Beyond Veggie in Ipoh, Perak. The food was yummy. I had the Mushroom salad, Tom Yam Noodle soup, Beyond Veggie fried rice, and rojak. My friend had a tomato based pasta and she said it was delicious. I will now visit the SG branch and will order other dishes that you describe. Thanks for writing about your experiences and sharing your recommendations.