Monday, September 10, 2012

Xuan Miao Vegetarian @ Circuit Road

Xuan Miao Vegetarian has been around for quite some time, and i've been eating once every fortnight couple of months back as I had craving for the yummy soup.
Stall Front
A pity i didnt get a clearer pic with my phone!
Anyway, manned by 4 persons, do note that you have to wait up to 30 minutes every night! The uncle who takes your order will give you a number and will call you when your number is up. To me, the soup is worth the wait.

Selling nothing but handmade noodles only, this is one of the stalls that does not sell your normal traditional economical vegetarian beehoon or mixed vegetables rice.

 Handmade Noodles (板面) $3.50
If I remember correctly, the soup noodles or mee hun kuey costs $3.50 while the dry noodles costs $4. I usually go for the soup ones. The ingredients are simple - loads of vegetables, seaweed, mushroom stalk, Vegetarian Fish Maw and Vegetarian Fish slices.
All the ingredients are the same for all their noodle items. The soup based is cooked with simple vegetables but tasty and light. If you are not into mock items, you may request for the stall owners to leave out the fish maw. I personally liked it with the chili especially.

If you are at circuit road and running out of ideas to eat, this stall is located within the cluster of vegetarian stalls in the hawker centre. Worth a visit if you are looking for something light.

Location: Blk 79A Circuit Road, Opens from 5PM till 11PM


Luke Dolby said...

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Priscilla Tan said...

You're the second person I read about this place. Handmade noodles are hard to find especially if they are vegan! Really enjoy reading your posts and it's been so helpful in our journey to be vegan too:)

Roland & Priscilla

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