Thursday, August 16, 2012

Veg Stall @ Lau Pa Sat

This is a newly open stall at Lau Pa Sat.. (finally!) Yea it has been ages since Miss Veg last posted. I truely am sorry about it as there hasnt been much to blog about. If any of you have gone to new places to eat, I will gladly help to post in your name!
So this new stall, which personally I have not tried before, is recommended by my sis, Clare who works around that area. Even one of my veg friend - Gina has posted on her FB, so I am merely assisting to promote it. Seems like everyone likes the dumpling noodles sold!

Stall Front
Looks really clean and from the looks of it, they do serve quite a variety of cuisine. Wow, veg people in the Raffles Place are indeed fortunate!

So both my friend and sister took the dumpling noodles.

Ban Mien (Handmade Noodles) $4.10 (takeaway)

If you realised the top noodles look fatter while the one below is the normal thin noodles. the Soup base is the same with loads of vegetables and mushrooms. The dumplings are those that you can find in the market.
I do not know how much it costs per bowl, but it is $4.10 after a 10% discount with kopitiam card. It does cost a little more for takeaways.

I hope some day I can head down to this stall too! Enjoy your yummy lunch, raffles peeps!

Location: Lau Pa Sat @ Raffles Place
Opening Hours - Unknown

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