Monday, December 13, 2010

Wedding Review - Shangrila Singapore

This is a post contributed by Edmond. Thanks dude! Do send me more if you realised i've not posted on any places thats near to you. Anyway, if you have followed on my wedding reviews, I've last mentioned that My favorite was Shangri La and by looking at the pictures that Edmond sent me, I was drooling already. I recalled that there was bird's nest a couple of years back when i was invited my friend to her dinner. Perhaps over the years they have changed their vegetarian menu as well and may not be the best to date.
Anyway, Here's presenting to you Edmond's post on a wedding dinner he attending at Shangri-la Hotel.

Veg Ham and Mango Salad

Sound nice but there was only mango cubes and the salad was out of sight. The brown slices are veg sausage which may pass off as bacon pieces which I find too dry.

Double Boiled Flower Mushrooms and Cabbage

Very tasty soup with cabbage, bamboo shoots, mushrooms and wolfberries thats brewed for long hours.

Sweet and Sour Fish with Pine Seeds

The fish doesnt taste like our usual mock fish as this is softer and tastes good with the pinenuts.

Sauteed Veg Prawn with Asparagus in Spicy Sauce and deep fried bun

Oily is the only word I could think of when it comes to this dish. First the Bun was Deep Fried, then the oil got seeped through to the cracker below which is also oily.

Aparagus with Cashew Nuts

Lots of cashew nuts in this dish and its a wonderful and crunchy combination.

Veg Abalone and Kai Lan

Kailan is fresh and the abalone doesnt taste like the mock item but rather the abalone mushroom.

Braised Noodles

Not our usual Yee Fu Noodles as this has more gravy. Not too oily and saltish.

Mango Pudding

Last but not least, a yummy dessert that saves the day.

If you are in the midst of turning veg and have been invited to a friend's wedding, do note that most places do provide vegetarian options for you, and all you need to do is to ask if your friend can cater that for you :)

Location: Shangri-La Hotel Singapore

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