Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Recipe - Sushi

My apologies for this late post as I've been busy launching my new E-Shop on Facebook. It has nothing to do with vegetarian food but a new hobby i've picked up.
Anyway, its been some time since I last shared a recipe. I'm quite satisfied with the feedback of my sushi creations and would love to share it here with you today.

(For 10 Sushi Rolls)
Short Grained Rice (Or Sushi Rice) - 600G
Carrots - Shredded
Avocado - Cut into Strips
Japanese Cucumbers - Cut into Strips
Dried Seaweed

Rice Seasoning -
a. Rice Vinegar (Or Sushi Vinegar) - 6 Tbsp
b. Salt - 2 tsp
c. Sugar - 2 Tbsp

1. Cook the Sushi Rice
2. In a mixing bowl, stir all rice seasoning together. Add this mixture seasoning evenly into the cooked rice. Allow the rice to cool before assembling the sushi.
3. On a rolling bamboo mat, place 1 seaweed on it. (Note that the rough side of the sushi is facing you as this is where you will place all ingredients on)
4. Place a spoonful of sushi rice and place in the middle of the seaweed and spread evenly. Add more sushi rice if its not enough to cover.
5. Allow an approximately 1cm space from all 4 sides to avoid spillover when you roll.
6. Place the ingredients which you want in the middle. E.g.: Carrot Strips, Cucumber Strips.
7. Then, gently with both hands, roll up the seaweed to the middle covering the ingredients with the bamboo mat.
8. Press firmly.
9. Continue to roll till the end. Press Firmly again.
10. If your seaweed doesn't stick well, dap a little bit of water over the sides to close up your roll.

Note: If you like beancurd sushi (Inari), all you need to do is to wet your hands, place a handful of rice in your hands and roll into a ball. Place the rice ball into the beancurd pocket. (Inari Pockets is available in most supermarkets)

There are quite a number of demos which I've seen on Youtube and I totally love it!

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