Monday, March 22, 2010

Shanghai - New Age Veggie (新素代 @ Zheng Da Outlet)

I was quite blessed to be able to travel for work to Beijing. Hence I took the opportunity to travel up to Shanghai on my own to visit my friends there. Definitely a fruitful trip as I missed the food in Shanghai most!
This place is introduced by my mum's friend as she works near this restaurant. I do adore this website ( as it provides the most up-to-date vegetarian places that is available in China. Sadly this is not available in English, hence the closest you can use is via happy cow, which sometimes may not be accurate.
Nonetheless, I've tried the this place a couple of years back before I started my blog. It is good to see and hear from the waitress that they change the menu every couple of years, hence people do not get bored! New Age Veggie combines the outstanding cuisine style of Chinese vegetarian food with the modern technology of the west. The restaurant is decorated in a modern artistic and homey style, providing an excellent place for leisure time and dining place in Shanghai. Vegetarianism in Shanghai is generally marketed as being in trend, in fashion, in style, which I think is a good way to introduce this diet.
Exterior of the Restaurant

Vegetarian Shrimp Dumpling (素虾饺皇) 18RMB/5 pcs

Price is comparable to Singapore standard. However, this is one of the better dumplings I've sampled. The dumpling skin is really smooth and chewy which is totally translucent when served. This is comparable to the "har kow" we can find in most dim sum places. I was really happy to try it as the fillings within is really interesting - comprises of mixed veg and mock veg prawns (which is made from soy protein). Tastes like the "real" one esp with the red vinegar.

Black Pepper Steak

I couldn't remember the price of this dish, but it was around SGD 10 bucks. Cindy was telling me that this is the chef's recommendation and is a "Must try" hence we ordered this dish. Served on the hot plate is this nicely presented pieces of "non-rare" steaks. I'm not sure if this is homemade or gotten from suppliers as I've eaten many different types of steaks before. The sauce is definitely worth a try as it was spicy and goes well with plain rice! Aint too bad if you are into mock meats.

Stir Fried Brocolli

Time for some non-mock meat items... fresh stir fried brocolli! Really soft and fresh.

Stone Pot Rice (石锅饭)

Cindy was telling me this dish was not bad as the rice is really fragrant. I find it kind of interesting, as the waitress poured a special sauce into the really hot stone pot and started mixing the ingredients into the rice. A pity i didnt get to take the waitress's face as she was camera shy. Anyway, the above pic shows the "end result". Not exactly a korean style bibimbap, but its similar, as everything is mixed together like fried rice. There are many ingredients in this pot which includes mushrooms, veg ham, green chopped veg and some mock meats.

Ma-Po Spicy Beancurd CNY 28

I was missing spicy stuff as I was not able to find it in Beijing. Hence was telling Cindy I wanted something spicy. If you have noted, Im a mega fan of spicy dishes. Hence decided to order this dish, which is the Ma Po Tofu, also known as beancurd cooked in the spicy bean sauce.

Was totally satisfied as this was really spicy and the beancurd was soft. One improvement I had in mind was the translation done in the menu, as it does not usually bring out the jest of the dishes, and I guess most people could only try out the dishes by looking at the pictures.

All in all, Shanghai is one of the most developed metropolitan city that offers a lot of options for us today. As China develops to become the strongest nation on the globe, it definitely has created opportunities to bring the notion of vegetarianism to greater heights. I guess this is a good news and places like such should open more, allowing better ease too~


1. 正大店 (Zheng Da Outlet):上海浦东陆家嘴西路168号正大广场5楼


Contact: 021-50471880

2. 淮海店(Huai Hai Road Outlet):上海市淮海中路988号5楼


Contact: 021-54033980

Company Website: (Certain Info adapted from website)

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