Monday, March 23, 2009

Naive Cafe @ Katong

The other day me and my family went to this new cafe located at katong after Kumar's show. My cousin chanced upon this cafe from various reviews @ Hungrygowhere, hence we decided to try it out before introducing to people.
This cafe as the nicely decorated by a group of art enthusiats, hence giving you the really new cool look. Food's great but it does come with a hefty price tag as well.

This is the menu and the interior design of the cafe.Nicely done with an artsy touch to it. The exterior of the cafe is tastefully painted with green stripes making it outstanding. It is located just a couple of shops away from the famous Astons Grill. Hence if you are really getting frustrated in the long queue outside Astons, do try this for a change. Note: This cafe is quite packed as well.

Penang Rendang $ 9.80

Spicy pan-fried mushroom heads served with steamed buns. Judging by the serving, we knew that we had to order at least 8 plates to fill us.

Red Riding Hood $7.80

Crispy soy tossed with a tangy sweet sauce. This is comparable with the normal Sweet & Sour pork sold outside at most tze char stalls. Chewy and sweet at the same time!

Golden Oats $8.80

This is crispy deep-fried tofu with oats and leaves. Basically crispy on the outside, soft on the inside. Nice dish!

Mango Tofu Cake $12.80

This is the normal fish slices you can find in the vegetarian stores. Served with sweet thai sauce.

Curry Mutton $8.80

This serving is enough for 1 person. You may eat this with a bowl of rice. The potatoes are well cooked and mutton balls (made from mushrooms) are chewy. Sauce is really good!

Heartwarmer $13.80

This dish is under the "mains" category, however, the portion is still small. This is monkeyhead mushroom braised for many hours in a special sauce, and it is very rich in flavour.

The plain rice costs $1.50 per bowl.

All in all, this is a place where you can do new food tasting, but not when you are famished, just as the name suggests - dont be "naive", it is not the normal food you are tasting! I guess most good food comes with a hefty price tag. I would suggest that you take some bread before going though. The full menu is available on its website in PDF format.

Location: 99 East Coast Road, Singapore 428975 (Opposite Katong Mall)

Tel: 6348 0668

Opening Hours: Mon - Sun 11.30PM to 10.00PM


Thursday, March 19, 2009

Fo lai Ping Vegetarian Fast Food (佛来品素食快餐)

This stall has been around for so long as I can remember. It is located at the Changi Airport Terminal 1 staff canteen. Hence if you were to take a budget flight overseas, you may stop by for a meal before flying, since there is no meals available on the plane except for overpriced vegetarian cup noodles. I tried the food here recently before flying to Bangkok.

Yee Mee $3.50
A really big portion and the comprises of vegetables, mushrooms, carrots and some mock items. It isnt too salty and can be shared by two if you are a small eater.

The stall also sells other tze char like fried rice, kway tiao etc. The dishes for mixed vegetables rice is not bad too! Nonetheless, all our airport terminals do have vegetarian stalls available, hence you need not travel all the way here if you are going to catch a flight in other terminals.

Location: Airport Boulevard,
Changi Airport Terminal 1,
Upper Basement Canteen
Stall #05,
Tel: 65457024
Opening Hours: Till 8PM

Monday, March 16, 2009

Keat Lim Vegetarian Stall 吉林素食 @ AMK

Got to know that they have 3 outlets to date!~
This is contributed by Jeslyn sis.. Thanks girl for your support! This stall has been around for ages and I remember eating at this outlet when i was younger. However, these days whenever Im at AMK, i'll always go for the bah chor noodles at 128 or the tze char at 226. Thanks to Jeslyn for providing me your review~ Note: This owner is not the uncle who retired at the Ji Lin at bedok.

Stir-Fried Sambal Tapioca Vegetables $5

Freshly cooked and not too oily. The sambal chilli is superb, aint too spicy and blends well with rice. You may also opt for their sambal kang kong as the sambal chilli is the same.

Hot Plate Sweet and Sour Fish $10

Supposed to be served with the ah char (Sour Salad) on top.. but we requested not to add it in as we don't really like it. Served piping hot and the sauce is a little sour and spicy. The fish does mix well with the sauce. Note that the standard does drop a little when crowded.

Sauteed Monkeyhead Mushrooms with dried chili $8
As this was the first time we order this dish, we couldnt comment much. Doesnt taste spicy at all. Lots of vegetables available hence make it a little more healthier. I cant make out if it is really monkeyhead mushroom or the abalone mushroom instead.

Other dishes available:
Cereal Prawn, shark's fin, Custard Abalone Mushrooms, Mutton Curry etc.
1. Blk 728, Ang Mo Kio Ave 6 (Beside AMK Courts)
Opening Hours: Till 9Pm
2. Blk 91, Whampoa Drive
3. 244A Upper Thomson Drive

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

BB Home Sweet Home Cafe (甜甜屋) *CLOSED DOWN*

The stall originally sells desserts, but seems like now they are catering vegetarian food as well!
Thanks to clare for trying out, since its near her place!

Curry Fish Rice ($3.50)
Veg fish slices and lady fingers in curry. Curry taste not too spicy and just right.Was surprised that they give spinach as a side.

Steak Rice ($3.50)
This sweet and sour pork chop rice is v tasty! As the mock meat is deep fried before cooking with sweet and sour sauce, not suitable if you are watching your diet though. Serves with spinach as well as a side. Worth a try!
Hot & Spicy Fish Rice ($3.50)

Sauce is a little spicy, but tasty. Mock fish is soft.

Pictures on the menu look very appetising. They do have set meals, veg dishes, claypot dishes, soups, tze char etc. We were too full to have desserts, but could see a few pictures on the wall, selling a variety of desserts. Like puddings, eclairs, ice cream etc.

Location: Blk 505A Bishan Street 11 #01-440 Singapore 570505
Tel: 6253 6553
(Website does not show the vegetarian dishes. Desserts only)
Opening hours: 11.30 to 3pm, 5pm to 10pm (Last order at 9.45pm)
Closed every Thurs (Opens if its the 1st or 15th day of the lunar month)

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Forest Dew Vegetarian Cafe

Thanks for Clare for always exploring new places on my behalf! I've heard about this cafe quite sometime back, but didnt have the time to try out the food.

Daily Specials:
Monday - Veg chicken rice
Tuesday to Thursday - Mixed Veg Rice (Steamed rice + 3 dishes $3.50)(Brown rice + 3 dishes $4.00)
Friday - Nasi Lemak
The menu comes with numbers and you are given a small ordering form and pencil to fill out the table number and ur orders.

Sambal Sweet Potato Leaves $4

Served in a small plate was what seems to be small portion, but as just right for 2 people. If there are more people, can always order probably a sambal kangkong, as the sambal chilli is good!

Mango prawn $7

Deep fried veg prawn with sweet mango sauce poured all over.Mango sauce a little sweet, but overall taste was alright.

Satay fish $7

This dish was a little disappointing, as the veg fish didn't taste v good.And the satay sauce was non other than the peanut based satay sauce which was poured over the deep fried fish.

Korean Beef Set ($9)

This set is served with rice. Ingredients comprise of Black pepper sauce with mixed beans, ginger and corn. The Veg beef taste quite good abd chewy. Seaweed soup with beancurd, inoki mushroom, vegetables and mock meat. It is quite cheap and can be shared by 2 persons.

Belachan Chilli Fish ($7)

This dish was a disappointment, as it didn't turn out as good as it looks on the menu. I realiased that the fish dishes served here isnt that great. Though the belacan chilli was good, overall dish was too dry to the taste. Should have more chilli gravy, rather than juz deep fry the fish and then put some chilli on it. I prefer Liwei's
bbq chilli fish more!

Note: A bowl of steamed rice cost 80 cents. We will still go back and try other foods on the menu like Japanese, wide selection of brewed soups ($3.50/bowl) and many smoothies and beverages.

Location: Blk 23 #01-523 Singapore 330023
Tel: 6293 9579
Operating hours: Open daily 10.30am - 10pm