Saturday, July 25, 2009

Recipe - Vegetarian Tom Yum Soup

As many of you may know, i am a HUGE fan of thai food and I've since been to yuanyuan numerous times since it is the only thai veg stall available here. I was extremely delighted when my coll shared the recipe of this traditional soup with me since she went over to BKK for a short 1/2 day cooking lesson there.
Thanks Shanny! Anyway, most tom yum soups in SG are made from the tom yam paste. This soup which I tried is basically cooked from scratch and gwennie commented that it is really tasty and original.

Tom Yum Soup

1 Tofu, Diced
2 Straw Mushrooms Or other types of mushrooms, halved
1 Lemongrass, sliced
3 Kaffier Lime Leaves, halved
10 Galagal Ginger, sliced
1 Tomato, sliced
1 Thai Coriander Leaf (can be brought from the Thai Supermarket), chopped
2 Chili Padi, chopped


1/2 tbsp Soya Sauce
1/4 tbsp Lime Juice
1/2 Cup Water
1/2 Cup Coconut Milk/ Fresh Milk
1/2 tbsp Chili Paste
1/2 tsp Vegetarian Chicken or Mushroom Stock (May be obtained from most vegetarian suppliers)
1/2 tsp Salt

1. Put Lemongrass, Galangal Ginger, Kaffier Leaves, Mushrooms, chili padi in water and bring to boil
2. Add tofu and all the seasoning in and stir.
3. Add in tomato and cook another 1 min in low heat.
4. Serve Hot and Garnish with fresh coriander.