Thursday, July 9, 2009

Jia Yuan Vegetarian @ Bedok (佳源素食) *CLOSED DOWN*

*CLOSED DOWN* due to increase in rental.

Thanks for miumiu's contribution once again... though i've stayed in bedok my whole life..I must admit that there are far too many stalls for me to try... I'm not sure if this is opened by my friend's parents.. or by the owners who used to operate at the 539 hawker centre near my flat.. they stopped selling a couple of years back, making me wonder if they are back in action...the serving plates look really familiar.

This stall is located inside the coffeeshop at Blk 122, which is about 10 minutes walk from Bedok Central. Note that this stall doesn’t sell mixed vegetable rice.

Roti Prata 80 cents, w/ egg $1.20

A must try for its famous roti prata as it tasted so crispy and fragrant. As for their curry sauce, it blended just nice with the prata.

Kuay Chap $2.50
Their kuay is just average which I think is not fragrant enough, but it’s a healthier choice for those who don’t like oily stuff as they didn’t add in sesame oil. Personally, I like its soup as it’s neither too salty nor blend and it tastes even better when you add some chilli sauce it.

Minced Meat Dry Noodle $2.50

Their noodle is not chewy enough but it tasted nice with the minced meat. The chilli sauce for this dish is quite spicy for me and I am abit disappointed with the fishball as it’s tasteless.

I also ordered their Nasi Lemak for take away and I must compliment that their rice tasted so delicious which I think I will sure go back again for this dish. It comprises of vegetarian ham, otah fish, tempeh, vegetable chip, chicken dice and so on, depending on what ingredients they have on that particular day. Their otah fish is the best I’ve tried so far, hence it’s a must try.

Location: Blk 122 Bedok North St.2
Opening Hours: Daily Till 1pm