Monday, December 22, 2008

Macau - Pu Shan Vegetarian Restaurant 普善斋素食馆

This is a second post by clare on her recent trip to HK and Macau.
On our first visit to the restaurant, we've decided to take a cab from Beverly Plaza hotel (Near to Hotel Lisboa). Taxi fare is abt : MOP $20
The restaurant is actually easily accessed via buses 3,10 and alight at Chang Ming Hua Yuan (昌明花园). Bus fare only costs MOP $2.50 per trip (regardless of where you board/alight).

We tried the buffet on the first visit.

Lunch buffet: MOP $56, Dinner buffet: MOP $66

The same buffet menu is used for both lunch and dinner. As serving is really huge, we could not try all the dishes from the buffet menu. Some of the dishes we ordered from the buffet menu: Shredded chicken fried noodles, Sweet and sour veg ball, Mixed vegetables and Cod fish, Abalone and lettuce.
Sweet & Sour Veg Ball Shredded Chicken Fried Noodles Stir Fried Vegetables Abalone & Lettuce

On the second visit, we've decided to just order ala-carte, as it is cheaper in comparison to the buffet price.

Deep fried salted golden mushrooms: MOP $35

Superb Dish! It is sprinkled with salt and bits of red chilli. Crispy and tasty!

Claypot pork curry: MOP $42

Not a spicy dish.. and it tasted quite well with steamed rice.

Sweet Potato & White Fungus

The restaurant serves daily desserts and we had sweet potato & white fungus. Sweet potato is very soft and sweet.

Do not worry if you do not have MOP (Macau currency), as they accept HK dollars. Exchange rate is 1:1, even though MOP is currently higher than HKD.

Location: 澳门罗白沙街65号地下

Tel: 2821 0983