Saturday, July 18, 2015

The R.E.A.L HUT @ Sims Place

Real Hut has been around for quite some time and Ms Veg has never been there until one day I brought my parents there. Am pleasantly surprised to find a good eatery near my work place! The Real Hut is conceived the passion of the owners who have the desire to create plant based diet for better lifestyles, harmony and spiritual peace. I was a little skeptical initially as I thought the food served would be bland and super healthy. Ms veg has to admit that I am not a very healthy eater to be begin with. Am surprised that not only the food served at The Real Hut is tasty, there is little or no Mock used as well!
Chalk Board in the Cafe
The Real Hut is a small cafe located at Sims Place, within the Vicinity of HDB blocks,

Small little Cozy cafe that should be able to accommodate to 30pax.

Small Menu with many choices.
You may refer to the full menu here:

Burdock Burger $8.90
My mum had the burdock burger, cute that the bread is a submarine shape. The Burdock patty was chewy as well.

 Beancurd Roll Dried Noodles $8.90
I had this which is the special of the day, Not found in the Menu. The Beancurd Roll was the real CHARM! I thought 3 pieces were not enough for me. 

 Sides for Set Meal: Fresh Fungus
This was part of the sides for my Dad's set meal.

Xiang Chun Noodles $12.90 
Dad commented it was one of the healthiest meal he had. Not oily, and fragrant.

Soup was Carrot and Potato soup. Quite bland, but I guess no MSG was used. It would be good if the western soup could be served for the burger instead of this clear soup.

The last was Truffle Fries, which I didnt have a picture! The truffle fries was simply yummy. Yes its deep fried, but it left a yummy impression. 

All in All, it was a nice cozy experience dining at The Real Hut. I must admit the prices are not very economical, The 3 of us spent $36 for 3 meals and a side. However, for an ocassional cleanse and healthy eating (minus the fried stuff), its worth a visit.

Location: Blk 46 Sims Place, #01-197, Singapore 380046
Tel: 6846 9976
Opening hours:
Mon, Tue, Thu - Sun: 11am - 8.30pm* 
Wed & PH: Closed
(Should the 1st or 15th of the lunar months falls on a Wednesday, the cafe will be opened on Wednesday and closed on Thursday instead.)
*Last order at 8pm.


Rajesh Kumar said...

Your posts are simply fabulous and inspiring . Thanks for the inspiration!
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Hermes said...

veg holiday

Greetings from Malacca.

Thank your for your blog. I am studying it closely.

Short story: what are your favourite Malaysian *towns* for good value healthy veg food? Not just specific restaurants, but areas to target to go on a veg food pilgrimage?

Long story: A local friend who prefers Chinese veg and a western visitor (myself) who prefers Indian (especially South) and health food are planning a food pilgrimage in Malaysia for 3 nights in late October. We are not big fans of KL and would rather not be in a large urban centre or travel far. We are trying to determine where are the best destinations in Malaysia for good value veg food in restaurants, food courts, even local seasonal produce.

They needn't be *pure* veg restaurants, as this usually increased the price. We don't care if they serve meat and fish also. All we ask is no cooking with animal fats or mixing with non-veg. Our tastes are cosmopolitan - Vietnamese, Korean, Indonesian, Malay, it's all good - as long as the business understands and caters to strict vegetarians.

missveg said...

Hi Hermes, I must have missed out your comment, and its already dec. I guess you have already done your trip. Im not familiar with Malaysia as I only go to JB most times. But i join the veg society group for Malaysia and Malacca has many choices as well as Penang. Hope you had a great trip :)