Wednesday, July 31, 2013

素食飘香 Piao Xiang Vegetarian @ Bedok *CLOSED DOWN*

Newly Open full vegetarian coffee shop in Bedok! Its really exciting to see this cafe opening at last since i've went pass it various times.
I find myself very fortunate to be staying in Bedok as I'm very often spoilt by choice! If I count correctly, Piao Xiang is the 9th Vegetarian place within the Bedok Interchange Central Area (Not Counting Lin Lin, or those in Bedok South and Bedok North Markets!)

The Exterior of the Cafe/Restaurant

I have no idea if this is the operated by the same boss of the same cafe located at the first level of Fortune Centre as I didnt see him around. Piao Xiang serves a wide range of local Chinese cuisine. In addition, they even have fully veg bakery inside the coffee shop. I was impressed at first sight. I can have a mock floss bun, hot dog bun in my town! I noted that they do serve eggs. Hence, vegan friends, do enquire if their breads and buns contains dairy too.
Other than a small stall selling the usual economic vegetables mix rice (什菜饭) they too serve daily specials and Tze Char Dishes. There are multiple pictures of the dishes they are able to whipped up - Including Roti John, Yong Tau Foo and even western food like Chicken Chop etc.

What I like of this place is the ventilation was good despite a very hot day, and you don't reek of the coffee shop smell after eating.

The Bakery Corner
 I noted they do have cheese in some of the breads. So may not be suitable for Vegan Friends.

Hotdog Bun $1.20
I personally think this is the most affordable bite as the hotdog is one of my favorite! Its the konjac sausage (蒟蒻香肠) wrapped with yummy bread. 

Chicken Rice $4.50
Decided to order the special - Chicken Rice today and to be honest I had a shock at the price - $4.50. I guess its due to the high rental charge. The chili was a disappointment as it wasn't the normal chicken rice chili which I would expect. Portion is ok. On the rice:- does have a taste of ginger, but I personally preferred Li Wei's or Yuan Xiang's. The "Chicken" is the normal drumstick wrapped with beancurd sheet - Deep Fried. The vegetables was not just okay. Certainly hope there could be more - either serve with a soup or make it more affordable since the $2.50 Veg Chicken rice is available at the 216 Market Stalls located 5 mins walk away.

Nasi Lemak $4.50
This is another special - Nasi Lemak. Rice was just ok, not as fragrant. But it does have more dishes compared to the chicken rice - Comes with Sambal Longbeans, Mock Ham, Fish, Otah and a Sunny Side.
Again, if you dont take eggs, do inform the lady early. Price wise, I do find it pricey as well. The chili is tasty.

All in all, its good to see another veg eatery available for us, especially at night. I had a brief look at the menu (no pictures) and am glad they do serve a wide selection of tze char dishes. Perhaps its more worth ordering in a group.

Do support while you can!

Bedok Central, Blk 219 #01-122 (Opposite Bedok Point)
Opening Hours: Till Late (10+ daily)


herbman76 said...

This should be the owner's contacts
Hp 9101 3913
Tel 6876 0798

LIM TEH said...

Hi, i happened to stumble upon your blog while i was googling for a new vegetarian place to bring my mum tomorrow. I must say i am impressed with the number of vegetarian outlets you have reviewed so far! Now we have alot of places to go to instead of the usual ones. Keep up the good work!

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Jhon Staphen said...

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little girl said...

is thia place still located opp bedok point???
can i know the operating hour

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